Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Taxing Question?

The whole issue of the police and the impending cuts has been discussed and dissected by every side of the North Bay Village citizenry. If one consensus has emerged, it's that NBV'ers like the police services. It seems to be a major reason we live here.

So I'm wondering. Is there anything that would stop the city from listing the tax revenue devoted to police services specifically on our tax bills? Let's say your bill was $5,000. We know that approximately 66% of that is for the police, so the bill would read "$3300 - Public Safety Tax, $1,700 - City Services".

That way, if it were necessary to raise taxes to meet public safety expenditures, it would be very clear what the tax rate change is for.

I think it might require a change to the city charter, but that would probably be popular.

Any thoughts?

Kevin Vericker

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