Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Mayor Finally Reaches Around

For 8 years, I have been inviting the mayor to post here and on other social media unedited.   She never would but today she sent this email around to the village and it's as close as we get to seeing what she is thinking.  

I publish it here unedited and unchanged.  I invite other viewpoints to do the same.  

From The Desk Of
The Honorable Mayor Connie Leon-Kreps

Over the last few years, our Village has been the subject of several unflattering stories that has tarnished our reputation and stifled our progress. However, those stories are the product of a purposeful effort on the part former staff and certain members of our community who have disseminated patently false, misleading, and mean-spirited information, disguised as news or information. The purpose of this document is to provide the simple TRUTH concerning those matters.

1. FICTION: Former Commissioner Douglas Hornsby was the victim of criminal extortion.

FACT: The State Attorney’s Office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigated Dr. Hornsby’s claim and concluded that there was no evidence to support charging ANYONE with the alleged crime or that a crime was even committed. Although serious accusations were made, there was no proof of any threat or illegal behavior.

2.  FICTION: Former Commissioner Dr. Douglas Hornsby was improperly or illegally removed from the Village Commission.

FACT:   Dr. Hornsby was removed from the Commission because his original appointment was VOID. His appointment was void because his voting rights had not been restored at the time of his appointment and he failed to disclose that fact. He did not disclose his significant criminal record. When he received a letter from the Elections Department that he was ineligible to vote, he did not disclose the notification. His voting rights were not fully restored in Florida until several months after he was appointed (in July, 2017). His full citizenship rights were not restored until May of 2017. Both are required to hold office according to the applicable laws. A legal memorandum is available on the Village’s website and you can read it yourself. At this time, Dr. Hornsby is suing the Village for a substantial amount of money for a situation caused only by him.

3. FICTION:  Former Manager Frank Rollason, Assistant Manager Jenice Rosado, and Executive Assistant Evelyn Herbello were fired or forced out of the Village.

FACT:  The Village’s Administrative Staff were NOT fired or FORCED out of the Village. They abruptly walked out of the Village together, without the professional courtesy of notice (after hours), on January 16, 2018. They alleged, in self-serving letters, that they left because of a toxic work environment. However, they were responsible for the Village’s work environment. 

4.  FICTION:  Former Police Chief Carlos Noriega and other part-time police officers were improperly fired to derail an ongoing criminal investigation.

FACT: The Village’s former Manager made the INDEPENDENT decision to terminate Mr. Noriega. He was offered a severance package. He declined and instead decided to file a lawsuit against Village for a substantial amount of money. His lawsuit alleges that he was fired for “blowing the whistle” on wrong doing and violation of the Family Leave Protection Act. The matter is pending a judicial determination in court. The former Manager evaluated a number of part-time officer positions and determined that the taxpayer cost of those officers to the Village (including their take home vehicles) was not fiscally responsible.

5. FICTION: There has been no progress in the Village since Frank Rollason’s departure.

FACT: The Village successfully closed on the Sukura property for future Village development. In fact, Mr. Rollason INEXPLICABLY committed the Village to OVER PAY ($3,200,000.00) for the property. You read that right: over 3 million. Our new Village Attorney, Norman C. Powell, intervened and successfully negotiated the total purchase down to $2,595,625. Moreover, included in the negotiation is the assignment of the Sakura parking contract that generates $12,000 per month for the loan debt service. Our Interim Manager, Lewis Velken, has proposed an initial budget that SAVES the Village over $400,000.00. Mr. Velken has streamlined the Police Departments communications and is expeditiously seeking Department accreditation that will be accomplished with the next 12 months. The accreditation will save the Village Hundreds of Thousands of over time. Mr. Velken has implemented ethic training following the Hurricane Party scandal that occurred on the former Administration and Chief’s watch. In addition, the patrol officers are now equipped with GPS to ensure accountability and comprehensive Village patrol. Mr. Velken’s focus will continue to streamline the Village’s delivery of services.

We have updated our website, introduced Facebook, Twitter, and a new emergency contact system in the last several months. We have retained a communications expert to assist with getting important information out to the public.

My goal has always been to help you, the resident. I have been a tireless advocate for fiscal responsibility and progressive growth in our Village. I have never benefitted personally or financially from my position as mayor. A few like to throw around the world “corruption,” yet no one has ever pointed to any time where I benefited personally or financially from my role as Mayor. That’s because it’s never happened. I will continue to speak out with integrity for what I believe in, and in support of the North Bay Village community. 

Connie Leon Kreps

Monday, August 6, 2018

North Bay Village Campaign - The Dirty War

The dirty war is starting early in the North Bay Village Campaign.  

Disinformation is not always massive Kremlin or other government cyber-operations.  In a small town like ours, it happens through gossip spread by seemingly innocuous questions and doubts.  

Don't believe me?  Our mayor is a master of this.  She talks sincerely one on one and claims not to understand something, asking a third party helplessly if they can clarify.   As a cunning person, she knows full well that the other person will sympathetically pose the false question to others and with that gets the lie out.  

I've been the target of this many times by her and her colluders.   

It's starting early in this campaign.   

The Laura Cattabriga Kreps Crew who desperately want to keep their three vote majority on the dais so as to avoid the investigations reaching the dais, and they are supported by overpaid employees with a lot to lose?  They've already started.  

Here's one example.  

Interim Village Manager Lewis Velken asked a third party to reach out to me and clarify that he really does make less than the previous police chief.  Seems reasonable, right?  

But it's not hard to find me.  In fact, I had written an email to him and the mayor seeking clarification on his claim that he is making $40,000 a year less than the previous police chief since the published numbers do not bear that out.  You can read it here.   And yet no answer.   

So why refuse to answer me but yet very concernedly ask a third party, with no direct knowledge, to get this clarified?  

Well, maybe I'm that scary.  I don't think so but if you frighten easily...

Or maybe the purpose was not to clarify.  

Maybe the purpose was to discredit me and put the information out there.   

Do I sound paranoid?  

I might be but it's happened before.  

In 2014, when the mayor ran against Jorge Brito, she very concernedly asked voters why her opponent's address was not listed in the voter registration or property records?  Were they sure he lived here?   

It was ridiculous of course as our mayor knew very well that law enforcement personnel are exempt from public listings but it did a great job of spreading untrue gossip about her opponent.  And it worked.  The rumor flew around.  

In this go around, the classic disinformation is already happening.  

This weekend a nonvoter in North Bay Village explained that the mayor had spoken to him, questioning candidate Julianna Strout's voter registration.  Not saying it was invalid, not directly, but wondering about the validity.   

The third party then obligingly brought the "question" to a neighbor and now the "question" is out there.  

Here's the thing.   Julianna Strout's voter registration was checked by our Village Clerk and then by the Elections Department on Miami-Dade County.   It is valid and conforms and they sent confirmation of such.  

But it feels like the first disinformation through genuine "questions", a hallmark of the mayor and now of Laura Cattabriga, her protege and North Bay Village mayoral candidate?  

I've written about Cattabriga's "questions" before.  She's either entirely befuddled or maybe these are not honest questions. 

As this campaign hits its stride, here are some good rules.  

  1. Anyone asking a rhetorical question or who should be in a position to have the answer, stop them then and there.  Ask them if they have the answer and if they don't, why not?
  2. Understand that in a small town like ours, you can reach directly to the source.  Nobody in North Bay Village is hard to find.

  3. Try to understand why you were asked that question.  What special knowledge did the questioner assume you had that was unavailable to her?  How does the questioner propose to get a definitive answer?  
Questions?  Good move.  Answers.  Next move.  

Postscript:  my favorite planted question was one posed by a friend of the mayor on social media.  She was "wondering" what I had been indicted for?   And for whatever record there may be, I have never been arrested, indicted or otherwise impugned but that question was asked without curiosity.  See what I mean?

Kevin Vericker
August 6, 2018

Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday Roundup

It's been quite a week. I want cover three big things.

The Settlement With The Deputy Village Manager

Let's start with the big controversy.  

There was a settlement agreement reached with the Deputy Village Manager, one Yolanda Menegazzo, that in exchange for agreeing not to sue the Village (it was never clear for what), she would receive 2 month's pay, approximately $21,000.   

Ms. Menegazzo had been hired by previous Village Manager Marlen Martell and after Martell was driven out for her failure to deliver fireworks on two weeks' notice to celebrate the mayor, Menegazzo was pushed out.  

Menegazzo was only at the Village for 40 days so this seems like a pretty generous settlement.

In my opinion, it wasn't.  Ms. Menegazzo had been brought it to take on the dual role previously occupied by Jenice Rosada (also driven out by a toxic work environment) of Deputy Village Manager and HR Director.   Menegazzo has a certification from the Society of Professional Human Resource Manager's, a Masters of Public Administration and nearly a decade's worth of HR experience in public sector.  She was brought in specifically to get the Village out of the current HR mess and instead wound up a victim of it, having left a stable and well respected position to take on that challenge.  

There's a lot behind it.  Our Village Attorney failed to allow the commission to vote on her contract in spite of the Charter which requires that department heads, e.g. Human Resources, be confirmed by the commission.  Although she was deputy village manager with some credible experience in the area, the police chief was (illegally) appointed to interim Village Manager.  He has no experience and was forced the next day by law to reject the "dual appointment" since it's illegal under the Florida Constitution.  

Anyway, there's been a lot discussion over on the Facebook page, with some people apparently taking the view that this was inappropriate.  

I respectfully disagree.  

Menegazzo was wronged by our shambolic and poorly run commission and financially we got off easy.   It is much worse that our mayor's ego and our poor attorney got in the way of using the talents of a bright professional who could have led us through the labor mess they have created.  

How Much Are We Paying Our Police Chief?

The second fun thing is that at the very special meeting, interim Village Manager Lewis Velken said out of nowhere that his salary was $130,000 and the previous chief was $170,000.  You can see it here on the Commission recording.  Go to 3 hours and 3 minutes.  

When Mayor Crazy Eyes heard this, she shouted "Put that on Facebook" and then cackled maniacally.  

Well, of course I will but I requested clarification since the published information does not bear this out.  Here's the email I sent, still unanswered:  

Kevin Vericker
Aug 1 (2 days ago)

to Connie Leon-Kreps, LVelken

Madam Mayor, in reviewing the video of the Monday's meeting after I left, I noted your request to post the information about the police chief's salary on Facebook and of course, I would be happy to do that.

But I'm not sure what figure is being referred to.  In looking at the budget figures for 2017-2018, the base salary for Chief Noriega was listed as $118,289 and in looking at the budget figures for 2018-2019 I see the base salary figure for Chief Velken at $130,000. 

I do note that when benefits, taxes and expenses for are added in, the budget figure for 2017-2018 (Noriega) came through fully loaded at $169,072 and that the comparable budget figure for 2018-2019 is $$171,889. 

Now Mr. Velken stated on the video at 3 hours and 3 minutes (plus a few seconds) that Noriega's salary was $170,000 last year and his own (Velken's) is $130,000. 

But I'm not sure if we are comparing the same figures.

Is Mr. Velken's $130,000 a fully loaded figure including base salary, benefits, and expenses and was Mr. Velken saying that Chief Noriega's base was $170,000?

Thank you for your prompt response and I will post as as soon as I have clarity on the numbers.  
As of today, I have no answer but Velken has told several people that I am wrong and he hopes they will tell me that.  But as of today, Friday,  no answer from either one.

The Election Race

Laura Cattabriga has filed to run for mayor and a fellow resident, Brent Latham, has also pulled papers for the seat.  At this phase, the key is to get 50 valid signatures to be on the ballot.  

The qualification period closes August 17.  

Julianna Strout, candidate for Commissioner at Large, has qualified.  No one has yet pulled papers to run against her.  

Marvin Wilmouth, candidate for Commissioner from Harbor Island, has also qualified and no one else has filed.  

Assuming no one else files, then the qualified candidates, Strout and Wilmoth, are both considered elected.  

It looks like the big race will be on the mayoral ticket.  You know I'll be writing a lot more about that.  

Kevin Vericker
August 3, 2018

Monday, July 30, 2018

Norman C. Powell North Bay Village Attorney

I'm just here for the money!
At tonight's very special meeting of the commission, the first item discussed was the settlement with Yolanda Menegazzo, who was our Deputy Village Manager for 40 days.  The settlement is for $31,666.66 in exchange for not suing the Village.  

Well, why should she sue the Village, you ask.  Good question!  

For one, when the Village hired her, they were under obligation to confirm the hire with the commission.  It's in our code of Ordinances, Section 3.06 (g). " the Village Manager shall submit appointments of all department heads to the Commission for approval."  In June, when the Village Manager mentioned this, the Village Attorney Norman C. Powell, shook his head "no" and the commission did not take the vote required by law.   This was a big sign that something was wrong and would be held in great suspicion by a court if Ms. Megenazzo chooses to sue.  It was wrong.  

So I suggested that since Mr. Powell was the source of the error, he should be held responsible for paying for the error.  Why not take the $31,666 out of his billings?  

Powell then either straight up lied or is truly ignorant of his obligations as Village Attorney and said he had no idea what I could be talking about.  

Laura Cattabriga, who never misses an opportunity to ask a "concerned" question, asked a concerned question "Does commission confirmation apply to non-chartered positions?"  and Powell smugly said "No."  

But it does.  And I can show it.  I texted the information to the commission pointing out where it specifies such, but Cattabriga who is part of the collusion never mentioned it.

In the end, the commission voted to offer Menegazzo two months' salary and gave her until Friday to accept it.  If she doesn't, we're in court.  Many people would have expected their attorney to discuss the terms with them before presenting them with the offer, but not our pal.   

If this was the first bad advice Powell gave, well, maybe it could pass.  But it's not.  Not even tonight.  

Let's move on to the "final" item of the evening.  A quickly cobbled together Charter Resolution that you will have to vote on that changed the charter provision prohibiting nepotism to the second degree of consanguinity to simply prohibit hiring anyone related without specifying what relationships constitute nepotism.  

Now just to explain how this piece of bullshit wound up on the radar of the commission, Mayor Crazy Eyes was informed by one of her personalities that Laura Menegazzo's mother worked with a step-cousin of Marlen Martell so the hire must have been nepotism.  

Powell then drafted a proposed change that would expand the definition of relationships to "whatever."
After I brought up to the five members of the dais how dangerous this is and pointed out that in one sense, we're all related, Norman took a break and came back with a compromise offering prohibitions against the hiring of third degree relationships, which nobody on the dais even bothered to understand although Laura Cattabriga asked a "concerned" question or two and they all obligingly voted for it.  

A real lawyer would have provided them with the information about the implications etc. but Powell, well, you know, he rolls easily.   Not accurately or well, but he doesn't sweat the details.  

The rest of the evening was just as bad.  They were voting on Charter resolutions ranging from the technical to the ridiculous.  I can't even tell you what a waste of time it was.  

I think the moment that best summed up the meeting was when Acting Village Manager Lewis Velken commented, apropos of nothing, that his salary was only $135,000 per year compared to former police chief Carlos Noriega's of $170,000 and Mayor Crazy Eyes cackled "Put that on Facebook" and laughed maniacally.   

Carlos Noriega's salary was $117,000 per year, $18,000 less than Velken's.  

They didn't understand a single damn thing they were voting on.  The staff gave them little information and they asked even less.  

So after wasting our time and money, the Mayor moved to adjourn the meeting and with a great cacophony of Ayes, they disbursed into the night.  I'm pretty sure at least one member of the dais was high and looking for her next hit or a quiet place to crash while another drove off in car suspiciously similar to one used in an extortion crime.  It was that kind of night.  

Kevin Vericker
July 30, 2018

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Fixer and The Mayor

Ana Watson's Charges
Next week, Monday, July 30, at 6:30 PM, the Village is illegally holding a "Special Meeting" which by law requires that the meeting address only one subject.  They are addressing four subjects but since we have the terrible legal advice of Norman C. Powell, former registered strip club lobbyist for North Miami Beach, we've long since given up the pretense of being a village of laws and are now just working for cash.  

Anyway, one of the subjects is a Commission review of the charter amendments proposed by the Charter Review Board.  The Charter Review Board, chaired by Julianna Strout, has done months of painstaking work on reviewing our Charter and proposing updates.  They will present their recommendations and just like the Budget Board at the Budget Hearings, they will be ignored and the mayor will press for her insane demand that the village vote for a "strong mayor" concept with a term of four years because she was unable to cause enough damage during her eight years.  

But probably the worst insult is the continued presence of Ana Milena Watson, a close friend of the Mayor's, on the Charter Review Board and the Community Enhancement Board.  

Ana Watson is currently facing four felony charges of stealing from the Bays Water Condominium.  When an elected official, one chosen by the public, is charged with a felony, they are suspended from office under Florida law by the governor.  This is not a rush to judgment.  Instead it is a simple precaution to keep an official from using their post to influence a trial.  

Ana Watson has been an "inside" player for years.  There are credible reports that her relationship with the mayor was the catalyst for the police department purge.  The New Times did a good writeup on it saying "Columbano's April 26 firing raises new questions about the mayor and her ties to Watson." and that his firing was the direct result of his investigation into the stolen money.  

The Herald for its part discusses Watson's influence in Village Hall writing:  

"Early in his tenure, Rollason said he found a private citizen sifting through property records and making copies in the building department, unsupervised. The information was public, but neither the woman nor city staff were following protocols in place to ensure the integrity of the records.

“I told her she couldn’t do that anymore,” Rollason said. He remembers instructing the woman to go through proper channels to request access to documents, which she could review while supervised, and pay for copies just like everyone else. It turned out that the woman was Ana Watson, well known around the city as a self-described fixer for property maintenance and real estate matters. Over the years, Watson served on several city committees and was active in Leon-Kreps’ campaigns.
Several city employees said that until Rollason put a stop to it, Watson had free rein in the building department to browse and copy any documents she wanted."
The question of whether Watson should continue to serve came up briefly, with Commissioner Laura Cattabriga made a pious comment about "innocent until proven guilty and the subject died.  The mayor and the commission have also refused to introduce ethics into the requirements for board memberships.  

In the meantime, the residents of the Bays Water continue to be harrassed.  As recently as last week, the North Bay Village Code inspector was at the building following "anonymous" complaints against six different owners, none of which were borne out, and are left wondering why someone accused of theft against them continues to hold a high position in the Village boards, serving at the commission's pleasure.  

I wonder too.  

Kevin Vericker
July 25, 2018

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Civics 101 - North Bay Village Commission

Elections are coming up in North Bay Village this November and three of the five commission seats are up.  

The seats are for:

Mayor - 2 Year Term.
Commissioner from Harbor Island - 4 Year Term. 
Commissioner at Large - 4 Year Term.  

The qualifications to run are listed at the Village website and are pretty straightforwrd.  

I thought it would be useful though to explain the sometimes confusing system under which we are governed.  

The first point is that we have three Commissioner seats for which candidacy is restricted by where the candidate lives.  Those are Treasure Island, Harbor Island and North Bay Island.  In order to run for those seats, the candidate must live in the respective neighborhood.  

The candidate is voted on by the entire community and represents the entire community, not just the neighborhood they live in.  It's a stupid and unfair system for a municipality with a population under 10,000 and the interests of the three neighborhoods do not significantly diverge in any real aspect but it was institutionalized as a way to ensure that the demographically homogeneous North Bay Island gated community would always have representation and we seem to be stuck with it.  

The mayor and the commissioner at large can live anywhere in the Village.  

Candidates require at least 50 valid signatures from registered voters in North Bay Village to qualify along with several other factors.  Again check the Village website here for details.  

It's important to understand that our form of local government is a weak mayor-council with a strong manager.   

The mayor, apart from certain ceremonial functions, check signing authority and chair functions, is one of five votes on the commission.  In turn the commission sets overall policy, approves budgets and hires (and frequently fires) a strong village manager who is responsible for the administration of the village, with powers similar to that of a corporate CEO.  In other words, the commission acts like a Board of Directors with the manager having the responsibility and authority to create and execute policy.  

The commissioners, none of the five, do not have direct supervision responsibilities, only general policy direction.   Their role is often to be the voice of the public, bringing concerns and ideas forward, but the implementation is the job of the manager.   

This style of government is common throughout Florida and was the model for Miami-Dade County.  As you might remember, in 2007, Miami-Dade County changed to a "strong mayor" where the responsibility of the administration sits with the mayor, an elected position.   The City of Miami is considering a shift to this model too and it seems to be picking up steam nationwide as well.  The argument in favor is that it holds an elected official directly accountable for the administration of the municipality.  The argument against is that it means that the municipality is administered by someone without the professional experience needed to manage complex systems.  This tends to lead to a requirement for more experienced professionals to head each department.  

But for now, it's important to understand - all 5 represent us, the North Bay Villagers.  

So that's the Civics Lesson for today.  Next up - What is a Charter?  
Kevin Vericker
July 24, 2018

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Laura Cattabriga Has A Question

The Question Queen

Laura Cattabriga wants to be mayor of North Bay Village and will be coming around asking you for your signatures, your money and your vote starting July 19.  

But first, let's talk about the questions.  

Laura Cattabriga is the master of the self serving question.  Posts them solely for her benefit.  Never answers them.  Claims that answers are “disrespectful”

This strategy is working well for her.  

Let’s examine some.  

The Question That Started It All

In May of 2017, Commissioner Doug Hornsby was the target of an extortion attempt, a federal crime. His tormentors were anonymous and an investigation was started.

As a natural correlation, there was an investigation into Hornsby’s voting status at the time of his appointment. Given that his rights had automatically been restored by Tennessee following his completion of parole, Hornsby had every reason to believe that he was eligible. And no court found otherwise.

Still, Laura had “questions” so she got someone else to pay for a lawsuit which failed to answer the question.

Laura Never Got An Answer On Hornsby

But Cattabriga got what she wanted.
When the Mayor, the Vice Mayor and Commissioner Mary Kramer’s Husband colluded with the Village Attorney, Norm Powell, to falsely advertise a meeting as a discussion and illegally use that meeting to remove Hornsby, Laura was out of questions.  
Except one.  

“Can I have his seat?”   The answer was "Yes" and Cattabriga got it because she was the only qualified candidate except for the more qualified other one, but she was the most qualified white candidate.
The Next Question - The Hurricane Party?

In this clip from NBC6, Laura Cattabriga pretends to be shocked, I tells you, shocked that there was beer at the police HQ during Hurricane Irma.  
So shocked in fact, that she colluded with the Village administration to leak the tape of the police to NBC6 and went on camera to ask very serious, very concerned questions.  
Except she already had the answers.  The internal affairs investigations were closed, disciplines meted out, the state authorities involved who declined to prosecute, and the PD Land Fall team reorganized to prevent a recurrence.  

The NBC6 report and articles it spawned damaged the Village but made Laura look “Mayoral”

But What About the Finances?

Cattabriga represents herself as an “in charge” fiscal watchdog.  
So at the last commission meeting, she discussed how she had uncovered nearly $1 MILLION Dollars in “Emergency Purchases” and wondered aloud about how this could be.  

The answer was not hard to find.  Laura Cattabriga simply took the spreadsheet and binder marked “Emergency Purchases” and read it.  Every purchase in there had an accompanying memo explaining why it met the criteria, a copy of the check as signed by Mayor Kreps, and had been reported to the commission.

Let’s Look At The Questions Laura Didn’t Ask

Voted to give away $40,000 to a lobbyist without asking a single question. Cattabriga voted Yes to install Ron Book as our lobbyist without asking if an RFP, with real proposals and real plans would suit the Village. Cattabriga just voted Yes. Cost: $40,000.

My question: Why would you jump past the required RFP process and not insist on quantifying the value? Cattabriga’s answer: *SILENCE*

Voted to give Noman C. Powell almost a year’s salary to prevent him from suing should he want to, nearly $140,000, with just one question. “Do you think you could make it a little bit less?” with an answer of “No” so she voted Yes. This is an unprecedented contract, especially to a Village Attorney with no municipal experience.

Voted to give away $100,000 in unearned severance to a 90 day employee without asking a single question.  Not one.

Special note:  When I asked Cattabriga about the giveaway of $100,000, she predictably evaded the request with, you guessed it, a request for a “respectful” sit down with me.  I have no interest in sitting down with her. I have great interest in knowing why she voted to give $100,000 that was not part of a contract and she never answered asking yet another “question” of me.  She failed to see how asking for a “sit down” (what are we, the Sopranos?) was “disrepectful”. I just want to know why she voted for a $100k in lovely parting gifts. Cattabriga will never answer.

Let’s Review

Cattabriga’s “Questions” have so far managed to get her:
  • An unelected seat on the dais.
  • Support for a mayoral run to continue the special interest pillaging of NBV
  • Media exposure on TV
And the Fiscal Cost to the Village

  • $100,000 in a severance giveaway this month.  
  • A nearly $200,000 poison pill when Powell is replaced.
  • $40,000 to Lobbyist who couldn’t even be bothered to put together a proposal.

And the reputational costs to North Bay Village:

  • Created a phony scandal over the resolved hurricane party disciplines just to get on TV
  • Called into doubt the well documented Village emergency purchases, purchases approved by her mayor, just to throw some shade.
  • Refused to answer about the severance package making the NBV commission look even shadier .

And The Big One

Cattabriga allied with an elderly neighbor who financed a frivolous lawsuit to destroy the reputation of a sitting commissioner, a lawsuit that after three tries to get it right, was about to be dismissed when Cattabriga colluded to remove the Commissioner and stole the seat for herself to satisfy her own ambitions.  
In the process, Cattabriga destroyed trust in the North Bay Village government making it the unstable mess we see now, exposed her neighbors to serious financial liability, destroyed a good man’s reputation and stole his duly appointed position.

Now Cattabriga Wants Be Mayor And I Have a Question

When Cattabriga asks you to sign her nominating petition, to give to her campaign, to vote for her, do you really believe that Cattabriga has done the work to lead us out of this chaos?

And why do you hate North Bay Village?
Kevin Vericker

July 18, 2018