Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Last Night's Meeting

This is going to be a short post for personal reasons. Well, a good one, I'm in Key West for two days.

Short version:

The Commission did not fire the City Manager. This was the right move on their part.

The Commission took the first steps towards creating a Citizen's Advisory Board on Police Matters modeled after the Budget group. This is a good thing in my view. Much more has to be done quickly and probably that will be my next post.

Fane Lozman hit a new low at the meeting when he went after someone who had not even spoken by bringing up a not very scandalous rumor from 30 years ago supposedly confided to Fane by a late commissioner. It was, well, sad in a way.

The FOP threatened the city again. I hate that. Look, if you're going to be the union of choice, quit acting like thugs. Remember and respect your uniform.

There's a lot more to say, and you know I will but for today, I am glad the city is on the right course.

Special note on some comments. I have received a series (three in all today) of new comments. As you know, I am holding back comments for review. These comments express a very different point of view from mine, and I really wish they weren't anonymous, but I am posting them. They are under yesterday's post and I will want to discuss them further. In the meantime, check them out. They are worth reading.

Kevin Vericker

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