Friday, March 19, 2010

Agenda Item Postponed

The Commission voted 3-2 tonight to postpone the discussion of the City Manager to the regular April commission meeting.

The motion, introduced by Frank Rodriguez and seconded by Oscar Alfonso, was based on the concern that by holding the meeting on Friday at sundown, observant Jewish citizens were unable to participate.

Frank Rodriguez, Oscar Alfonso and Dr. Paul Vogel voted to postpone.

George Kane and Rey Trujillo voted no on the motion.

Kevin Vericker


  1. Those FOP guys did it again. They came in like a street gang and tried to bully us again. When is the city government going to put an end to their brutish behavior.

  2. Kevin please post the State President of the FOP's email addy with instructions for people to write him telling how thuggish the NBV fop is and how poor the rep made the FOP look.
    Thanks, my mail should be one of many.


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