Thursday, March 18, 2010

An Emergency?

No grave harm would befall North Bay Village if the Commission discussion of the police chief's resignation were held at the regular commission meeting, or even if a special meeting were called with more than two days notice. Nothing bad would happen. In fact, some good would happen.

There would be time to understand the full implications for the citizens.

There would be time to understand what happens next with the budget and the negotiations.

There would be time for the citizens to get involved.

Oh, wait, those are the bad things. You see, if they happened that way, civil and civilized, the real goal, fire the city manager and embarrass Oscar Alfonso at all costs, might not be met. And the belief is that by creating this drama and a faux emergency, it can all happen so quickly that people haven't time to react.

I'll be there on Friday night. I know other people will. I hope there's a huge turnout.

One person who probably won't be is Matt Schwartz. And that sounds like it was part of the plan. The meeting was set up for a time when the principal person in the discussion could not be available.

That's how they run trials in communist countries, right?

Kevin Vericker

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