Thursday, March 25, 2010

Couple of Things

Tara Solomon, Media Personality and the Queen of South Beach night life, works here in North Bay Village, when she's not out being all glamorous. She is getting married (finally!) and has entered in a contest called Ultimate Weddings and needs votes at the website. Here is the link Crate and Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest.

New Comment Policy - At the beginning, I strongly discouraged anonymous comments. I don't like them and it's my blog. I have posted some, but deleted most. The comments I have received anonymously broadly fall into three categories:

1.) Personal attacks on me or people perceived to be my friends. I imagine the commenter feels like she got off a good one but I would remind "anonymous on north bay island" that faggot has two "g's", unless it was your intention to call me a woodwind instrument in Italian. Seriously, it's not on. Often, these commenters pose as cops but since they have the same poor spelling consistent with some of our noisier "activists", I don't believe that.

2.) Elaborate conspiracy theories. I got one yesterday that creates a whole narrative about the FOP, the City Manager, the Mayor, the Code process and offers not one fact or shred of proof. If it wasn't anonymous, I would have published it but it is and so it gets deleted.

3.) People who love the blog. Well, I would actually like to publish those but it doesn't seem fair.

So let's review, to get your comment accepted, it must at a minimum have your Google Account, or your name (full name). If your comment is merely malicious or if you are attempting to prove something but provide no backup, it will be deleted anyway.

For special circumstances: if you have something you want to share, and you don't want your name published, the email is NBVRBC@GMAIL.COM. I won't promise that I will publish it but I do promise not to share your name and contact, unless you are reporting a crime etc.

Finally, someone has been cutting and pasting my posts to LEOAFFAIRS.COM. I don't mind my stuff being republished but proper Internet etiquette is to include the link to the original. I won't engage at LEOAFFAIRS as I don't like the way the discussions go, lot of nasty stuff, but I will continue to monitor it and will report copied posts that don't contain the blog address.

Kevin Vericker

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