Monday, March 29, 2010

The Mayor's House

There's been a lot of negative coverage, particularly from Francisco Alvarado of the Miami New Times, about the problems Oscar Alfonso has faced in the rebuilding of his house. For an example of the coverage, follow the link: Miami New Times on Oscar Alfonso.

Alfonso had until March 19 to submit, or rather resubmit, his building plans so the final code inspections could be done and this long simmering issue put to bed. He did so, at considerable personal expense.

Before we go a lot further, the story of his house with its erratic code history has a few more elements than the media have covered. Alfonso has for some time stated that he filed the correct building plans back in 2000. The city has been unable to locate them. As a solution, Alfonso has had to refile these in order to get the job finished.

I found that story a little too convenient at first glance, but then two people individually have contacted me to tell me very clearly that they were working in the city offices and very specifically remember the filing, mostly because prior to accepting the plans, Alfonso had to clear some other code issues which he did. (One of those is in the comments section of a previous post.)

I didn't see the plans of course, there was no reason why I would have, but I tend believe people who are not necessarily “Friends of Oscar” when they come forward to say they witnessed it.

In the last decade, North Bay Village had to abandon the old City Hall owing to water damage and mold and Alfonso's plans were not the only ones lost. I understand a fair number were lost or destroyed during that time. Even the county ethics commission found there was a problem with the records across the board (which they seemed to want to pin on Yvonne Hamilton, a woman who loses nothing, like she controls the weather.)

It looks like this part of the mayor's tough times is coming to an end and I'm glad. It's a trivial distraction.

In the same article from the Miami New Times, there are references to financial issues. I've said it before and I'll repeat it, the financial stuff is none of my business or yours insofar as it does not affect the performance of the office of the mayor. Now, whether it is a matter for the electorate in November is another question and a valid one. That's the right time to decide who you want in that seat.

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Kevin Vericker

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