Friday, October 26, 2018

Why Vote For Brent Latham?

It's time to clean it up and throw them out.  There are two important things in this race:

Thing 1)  Laura Cattabriga is running a dirty campaign, funded by real estate flippers, city contractors and dais members seeking protection from investigation.   Cattabriga has no vision or ability to lead the village.

Thing 2)  Brent Latham represents the chance to get it right.  He's committed to building a strategy, working with the state, county and other cities to protect us, and to cleaning out the festering mess left behind by Mayor Kreps.

The choice couldn't be any clearer:

Latham has the experience, the character, and the ability to bring a professional, strategic vision to our failing and flailing government.  We are in big trouble after 8 years of incompetent leadership.

Latham is endorsed by the FOP, virtually every state officeholder in our district, supported by and funded by North Bay Village residents. 

Latham has withstood patiently the proven lies about his residency and the hysterical juvenile accusations of his opponent and continued to talk about what's best for North Bay Village.

Can't Stop Won't Stop Lying
Laura Cattabriga tells lies, big and small ones.  Just this week alone, we were treated to this headline in the Miami Herald:  "A mayoral candidate found guilty of spreading malicious untruths says she won’t stop"

She sued her way on to the commission and when that lawsuit failed, colluded with the mayor and the legal staff to clear the seat for her.

Just this week, she was found guilty of spreading malicious untruths about Latham's residency and instead of owning it and moving on, she and Mayor Crazy Eyes are doubling down.

Cattabriga refuses to explain her 7 years of Homestead ineligible claims nor her unlicensed businesses.

Cattabriga justifies her giveaways as a commissioner ($250,000 for legal settlements, $40,000 for lobbying services where she skipped the RFP, and of course $204,000 for legal services by an inexperienced team where again there was no RFP)  by saying, "I've only had 8 months."  Yeah, imagine what she'd give away in two years.

Cattabriga is endorsed by Mayor Crazy Eyes, and virtually no one else.  She only has 4 local contributors.  5 if you count herself but I kind of don't

And worst, she is everything that got us into this mess and she is determined to drag us down.

North Bay Village Is Stuck

We have to build new  relationships with the state and county.

Look Miami Beach is doing a great job on Resiliency.  The City of Miami is doing amazing things to attract businesses that we want to 79th St and the revitalized Little Haiti.  We don't have their resources so we should team up with them and maybe that means losing some local autonomy but our gains will be strong.  

Jason Pizzo is about to replace the Mayor's Only Remaining Political Best Friend, Daphne Campbell, and we need him to be our voice in Tallahassee.  Michael Grieco seems poised to be our State Rep and he knows North Bay Village well   Sally Heyman is going to be instrumental as we need to add Pelican Island into our front door plans.   

Latham knows how to work with people.  He did it in the UN, in FIFA, in his journalist career, and is doing it in his campaign.  We're close to being out of chances.  We're one storm away from being wiped out and one financial crisis away from Opa Locka.  

Can we really afford to risk our future on a different face from the old school, especially one who creates headlines like these "A mayoral candidate found guilty of spreading malicious untruths says she won’t stop"?  Let's say no to that.

Let's try a new tactic - putting a professional on the dais - and for that I say Vote Brent Latham for North Bay Village Mayor.

If you agree, please share this blog with your friends and neighbors.

Kevin Vericker
Octoer 26, 2018

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