Friday, October 19, 2018

At Long Last, Robert J. Alvarez

Only known photo of Robert Alvarez
at a Village Meeting
Last week at the Great Mayoral Debate of North Bay Village, there was a second, less heralded introduction.  At long last, rumored candidate for Commissioner At Large made an appearance.  He spoke at the beginning of the debate, addressed the assembly bilingually, and announced he was running to improve the neighborhood.  Then he left.  

This was literally the first time he showed up to a community event and identified himself.  

Robert Alvarez has only reported raising $420 in the race and has been a ghost candidate for the campaign, while Julianna Strout has been actively campaigning since May 2018 and has sent out emails and updates regularly.   

When the Herald reporter, Sarah Blaskey, finally got to speak to him, the conversation was a little bizarre as she reports in her Twitter feed:  

But from the little we say, we can glean several things.  

Ana Watson Friend of RJ Alvarez
He is friends with Ana Watson, facing trial on 4 counts of condo felony fraud and named in every major internal NBV investigation, he doesn't think that he needs to talk to the press or residents, and that he's putting little to no effort into his campaign.  

In a place that's not North Bay Village, he would not be a contender.  

But it is North Bay Village.  We elected another Alvarez with almost the same profile just two years ago over the far more experienced candidate.   

Why? I don't know what his strategy is.  It's not like he's been around town but I'm pretty sure if past is predictor of the future, and with friends like Watson, Kreps and Jackson, he's betting on something nasty.   

Negative campaigns work.   Watch for it.  

Kevin Vericker
October 19, 2018

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