Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Quick Update of Cattabriga's Contributions

6 Local Residents, 36 NonLocal Residents

Breakdown of Contributors

Laura Cattabriga "Self"*$15,72540.12%
Land Development$11,50029.34%
Village Contractor$5,25013.40%
Out of State$3,8419.80%
Local Resident$2,8757.34%

As of October 19, 2018 Cattabriga had raised ~$40,000.   The biggest contributor was herself in the form of loans that she will either expect to be paid back from other contributions or moneys left over at the end of the campaign.   

Of the rest, she has a grand total of 6 residents contributing an average of $479.  The rest (36) are out of state people, land developers, or village lobbyists contributing an average of $1009 (max contribution is $1000 per individual but several people used multiple businesses to get around this).  

Cattabriga is already delivering for the developers:
  • Removed the parking covenant on 1850 79th St Causeway to clear the way for another storage unit.
  • Increased maximum height to 400 feet (40 stories) on the Causeway.
  • Hired a new lobbying firm without an RFP
  • Contracted legal services without an RFP
When it comes to future votes involved her paid sponsors, Cattabriga has already stated she will not recuse herself.  

My big issue:  it's flat out wrong to accept contributions from Village contractors and contract employees.  And she does.  

Kevin Vericker
October 29, 2018

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