Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Laura Cattabriga Defies The Court

Cattabriga lied when she said that Brent Latham doesn't live here.  Not my opinion, it's the opinion of Judge Victor Tobin, the special examiner brought in by the Commission on Ethics.  

The lie was so blatant the Commission on Ethics recommended it be heard by a judge which it was yesterday, October 23, 2018, who found that she had lied and in order to avoid prosecution, she agreed to disavow the lie.  

And her outburst of honesty almost lasted 24 hours.  But Cattabriga can't help herself so she'll drag everyone down.  

Today, she sent around Brent Latham's water bills to repeat the lie that he doesn't live here.  Except she left out the December 2017 bill where he paid the village over $700 following a leak on his property which the village reviewed and credited to his account.  So you see the diminishing credits each month in the bills but not the source of the credit balance. Cattabriga is the master of the deceitful lie.  

Cattabriga has been running a dishonest campaign funded by developers, village contractors and out of state interests (seriously she has only 4 donations from local residents.)   Her own record is abysmal and she has nothing honest to run on.  

Cattabriga settled for a Big Lie.  Today she repeated the same lie established in court yesterday.    

All of this is preventing the real discussions we need to have as a Village and I bet Cattabriga knows this.  Cattabriga's not stupid.  She is ambitious and morally flexible and knows how to sell a half truth (show only the bills with the credit balance, not the payment for it) and create a lie.  

In the meantime, let's look at who bought her campaign.  Cattabriga doesn't want you to see this.  

SourceLatham AmountCattabriga Amount
Village Contractors$0$4,250
North Bay Village$10,450$2,100
Out of Town$1,500$10,100
SourceLatham # of ContributorsCattabriga # of Contributors
Village Contractors06
North Bay Village194
Out of Town211

And here it is in chart form:

Latham in Blue, Cattabriga in Red

Kevin Vericker
October 24, 2018

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