Monday, February 26, 2018

Bright Spots in NBV

In  spite of the tragic descent of our commission into madness and illegality, it is sometimes important to note the bright aspects of life here in North Bay Village.  

The Volunteer Cleanups

Recently arrived residents Kevin James Culp and Michelle DeSantis saw a dirty causeway and decided to get to work.   They used the Facebook group, North Bay Village Residents Speak, to recruit local volunteers on a series of Saturday mornings to get out and clean up the causeway.  

It's hard, dirty work but they encouraged and prodded to get people on it and it was very rewarding.   Our Vice Mayor Eddie Lim and Commissioner Doug Hornsby lent support that meant the trash bags would be picked up and volunteers recognized.  Thanks, Kevin and Michelle.  

The Welcome Back to Treasure Island Elementary

The day of the horrific massacre in Parkland, Optimist Club members Sissy Shute and Doris Acosta were on it.   As we were all feeling angry and helpless and frustrated, these two stalwart community volunteers were focused on the kids and helping them feel safe in school after what happened.  

In the meantime, our police chief, Carlos Noriega, was quick to deploy and publicize the school safety plan for Treasure Island, to reassure parents and the community that North Bay Village is looking out for our kids.  

No, it doesn't take away the horror of what happened but it says who are as a community.  

The Basketball Camp  

Under Carlos Noriega, the police presence in the community has greatly increased.  Programs that had been ignored have come back to life, including the ones focused on our kids.  One of the great ones is the Basketball Camp.  It started last week and is the first of many rec programs being run by our PD to give NBV kids a place to be kids. 

The Sewers Are Finally Getting Fixed

If you live on Treasure Island, you've noticed that there is a lot of work going on, loud, dusty and entirely welcome.  After decades of neglect, we are finally executing the bond money and using the state and federal grants to repair our sewer systems.   Not the most exciting project in the world but as any long time resident can tell you, it's time.

North Bay Village on the National Scene

Our state representative, David Richardson, is running for US Congress and yesterday Commissioner Hornsby and his wife, Sissy Shute, hosted a "Meet the Candidate" at their home on North Bay Island.  The guest list read like a "Who's Who" of North Bay Village.  Among the nearly 100 attendees were Vice Mayor Lim, former Vice Mayors Rey Trujillo, Al Blake, Jorge Gonzalez and former commissioner Richard Chervony.   Members of the Village administration past and present were there, along with nearly 100 neighbors to speak and get to know David Richardson.   It was a great time and most importantly, shows that constructive politics are not dead in North Bay Village.  I find reason for optimism in this.  

David Richardson, Congression

Introducing the candidate
Richard Chervony
Kevin Vericker
February 26, 2018


  1. A lovely and welcomed update, Kevin. See? You can see the good stuff too! #grassroots!

  2. This is fantastic! I'm so sorry we could not attend this one. We'll make it to the next one for sure. Kevin Vericker, you are a kind man to say such kind things about a simple road clean-up. I think Michelle's goal for it was to spark conversation, get folks moving and start acting, and you know I think it worked. I was happy to help and will continue to help when the next one is set. We have extended our lease at MODA expressly because MODA has made changes with a new maid service and new securoty cameras. We also love the views, the people and even the banter about what to do about street erosion to planting native plants and flowers along that one mile or so of roadway. It is all about TEAMWORK! We can all do so much together!


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