Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Kangaroo Courts, Our Commission, The Removal of Doug Hornsby

Let’s start with the removal of Doug Hornsby from the commission.  On January 29, two commissioners called for a “special” meeting to discuss the situation with Doug Hornsby’s eligibility to serve. 

Thing to understand – the North Bay Village Charter and Sunshine Laws agree that a meeting called for a specific purpose should be for that purpose.  Our Charter allows only the item advertised to happen at the meeting and specifically prohibits any additional actions.   Sunshine Law takes a lenient view of meeting agendas but specifically prohibits advertising a meeting for one purpose with the intention of doing something else.  

Commissioner Andreana Jackson and Mayor Kreps wrote the same memo requesting the meeting “for the sole purpose of discussion.” 

Commissioner Jackson and Mayor Kreps were lying. 

From the get go, this was a Sunshine busting, illegal deception of the North Bay Village community.

Out of the gate, the newly hired attorney read a prepared resolution to remove Douglas Hornsby from the commission alleging that he was not an eligible voter at the time of his appointment.  I say “alleging” because that issue was in fact the subject of a court case, since dropped, filed by the chair of our Budget & Oversight Committee and it’s likely he was eligible.  But this was a kangaroo court disguised as a discussion. 

It was completely illegal for the Commission to introduce and vote on a resolution at this meeting, let alone one that was already in the hands of the court.  

Nevertheless, following truly reckless legal advice, three votes, Commissioner Jackson, Commissioner Mary Kramer’s Husband, and Mayor Marcela Consuelo Kreps voted to remove Dr. Hornsby.  

Then, just to show further deep disregard for the law, the village attorney introduced a new resolution to open a process for a commission appointment to the supposedly vacant seat.  Again, the Charter specifically prohibits this.  

Now our mayor, who is a very stupid person and after 7 years completely oblivious to the legal requirements of a meeting, announced she thought this was a splendid idea and moved to adjourn the meeting.  She had to be not so gently led back to the fundamental process that the commission needs to vote on things.  Of course, it had already been agreed so when reminded, the three stooges, Jackson, Mary Kramer’s Husband and Mayor Crazy Eyes voted “Yes”.  

And as of this weekend, the website holds an application for appointment that includes the applicant signing a release for to disclose any expunged or sealed legal documents that they might have. 
This is illegal.  Under Florida Law, an employer may not require an applicant to disclose expunged or sealed records.   That’s the purpose of expunging and sealing.  And the commission is a paid position, in fact, for at least one member, it may be the only verifiable income. 

Additionally, the Charter does not include this as a requirement because it’s illegal.  

Yet someone added this new requirement with no voter or commission action, and it’s illegal. 

As of today, Feb 6 2018, I have received no response and frankly I don’t expect one.  The Mayor never responds, the commissioner who's married to Mary Kramer has nothing to say, and Commissioner Jackson, well she seems to me to be frightened by something, and she has gone completely silent except for bizarre clap-backs "thanking" people for their support when they ask questions. 

Now, we will be faced with more lawsuits, a less competent government and it's all a disaster. 

Oh, and the extortion investigation in which the mayor and the wife of Commissioner Mary Kramer's Husband have been named as "subjects of interest" is still on.  So there's that. 
Let the lawsuits begin!
Kevin Vericker
Feb 6, 2018

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