Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Commissioner Jackson Got Paid Last Night

Vice Mayor (*interim pending
legal action) Andreana Jackson
Well, I guess congratulations are in order.  One of North Bay Village's most engaging mysteries has been solved.  I refer not to the extortion case in which the wife of Commissioner Mary Kramer's Husband and Mayor Kreps have been named as "subjects of interest" nor to the Hornsby matter regarding his eligibility.  The first is still in active investigation by the state and federal authorities, and the Hornsby matter is in the courts with several new actions filed this week.

No indeed.  I am talking about the mystery of why Commissioner Jackson who had always prided herself on openness and transparency decide to join the Mayor and Commissioner Mary Kramer's Husband in doing the wrong things the wrong way.

It's not like she and Mayor Crazy Eyes were friends.  Just a year ago, the mayor assaulted Jackson at the Village Holiday Event.  Here's the police report.  My favorite part was the mayor's explanation that her slapping Jackson was understandable since it's only reasonable to assume that big scary "urban" women are bound to poke your eyes out.

But still, Commissioner Jackson is apparently a bigger person than most and forgave the Mayor.  I think. 

What was even more surprising was that Commissioner Jackson also forgave new interim commissioner Laura Cattabriga who accused Jackson of criminal conspiracy in a lawsuit no less.

You can read about that here.

Jackson by nbvrbc3373 on Scribd

Why no, Jackson forgave Laura Cattabriga and voted enthusiastically and illegally to install Cattabriga in the not legally vacant Hornsby chair.   Laura Cattabriga got up and pretended she didn't know that Mayor Crazy Eyes, Commissioner Mary Kramer's Husband and the "conspirator" Commissioner Jackson had already agreed to put her in the not vacant seat. 

Then, wait for it, yep, IT HAPPENED!  (Excuse my outburst.) 

Commissioner Mary Kramer's Husband
In a completely transparent move, Mayor Crazy Eyes announced that she had the honor and privilege of nominating Andreana Jackson for the not vacant office of Vice Mayor.  The groans delighted gasps that filled the chamber from the audience. Well, no. Nobody was that surprised.  I can't lie to you, unlike Jackson.  

So the mayor made the motion and it was promptly seconded by ... no one.  Commissioner Mary Kramer's Husband did not break his customary silence and between you and me, I think he was unhappy about the fact that on January 29, Commissioner Jackson called the cops on him because he was screaming at a constituent in front of Village Hall or maybe he had just been instructed to be quiet.   Anyway he said nothing.  

Newly installed Commissioner Laura Cattabriga just sat there smiling like the first runner up in a discount beauty pageant.  You know the smile.  "I should have won and they crushed me for that?"  I'm not sure but I think maybe she thought she was going to get the nod.  

Anyway, after an awkward silence, Commissioner Jackson seconded the motion herself.  Relieved looks all around, except of course for the actual Vice Mayor who may not be removed, it's not allowed in our charter or laws but Norm Powell said it was all like, you know, cool because he invented a new law that said so.  And the commission voted 3 to 1 to install our new Vice Mayor (*interim pending legal action.)   

And it all paid off!  All the people Jackson betrayed, the lies, the plotting behind closed doors, the insults, the assaults, but she has her triumph.  It's Payday!  

Well, I mean not literally but given the current circumstances of our mayor, with the likelihood of resignation or removal, it could lead to even better things soon.   Like the mayor's seat.  

Right now, the job pays next to nothing, like $600 per month.  Not enough to settle the two current open lawsuits against Vice Mayor (*interim pending legal action) Jackson.  Seems she has a bit of a problem there.  But it gives us all hope that if we only are willing to betray our principles, our friends, and the village that trusted us, and align ourselves with people who don't care about the law, maybe we too can become Vice Mayors someday.  So congratulations, Madame Vice Mayor (*interim pending legal action.)  
Screenshot of Open Lawsuits as of Feb 13, 2018 Source:  Miami Dade Clerk of the Courts.
Kevin Vericker
February 14, 2018


  1. Pay Day? Sell your soul for magic beans? In the word(*) of the other current political drama that is as effed up as our little microcosm, this is #Sad.

    1. Sales many souls for many beans. I wonder how N.B.V. ranks Nationally in this horrible area to rank for?

  2. And then we have Ana Watson, charged with defrauding the BAYS WATER Association. Did Jackson, Connie,Laura and Watson become BFF's?

  3. And then we have Ana Watson, charged with defrauding the BAYS WATER Association. Did Jackson, Connie,Laura and Watson become BFF's?

  4. while i agree 98.6 % of the time with the blogger. i feel he is missing the biggest point. the cost to the tax payers regarding these lawsuits. if an election had been held to fill the vacant seat no one has a complaint. brian oppenheim harbor island


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