Monday, March 12, 2018

The Commission Pays Norman Powell

Interim Village Attorney Norman Powell is up for permanent hire tomorrow night at the Commission Meeting.  And he has negotiated one sweet contract!  Powell's gonna get PAID, baby.  

In spite of the fact that he has none, zero, nada, experience as a municipal attorney, he is demanding $17,000 per month, a cool $7g more per month than Bob Switkes, our previous attorney.   

But it gets even better.   

When Powell accepted the position following the sneaky firing of Bob Switkes in November, residents were outraged that Switkes had been fired in the dark, at 11 PM, by a Sunshine busting cabal of Kreps, Jackson and Mary Kramer's Husband.  It had been planned well in advance and Norman was ready to jump in.  

But he's not going to let that crap happen to him.  Powell's too smart.  His contract stipulates that if the commission decides to terminate, it can only do so if the item has been noticed and at a public hearing.  No way he's gonna get Switkesed.   

Here's where it gets really good.  

The Village Must Pay Norman Powell $204,000 If They Terminate The Legal Agreement.  

That's right.  Norman's getting paid.  No matter if he doesn't show up for work.  No matter if he continues to break the law with his bad legal advice.  No matter...what.   His contract states that he gets 12 months pay ($204,000) if the Village decides not to continue the agreement.  

How Stupid Does He Think The Commission Is?  

It is a trick question.  Very stupid is the answer.  

The Mayor is finally getting some relief from the voices in her head as Norman Powell assures her suavely that she really is the victim here and if she just trusts him, he'll punish all those mean people who don't say so.   "Just trust me, baby.", he might whisper, "Just trust me.  But you know I got to get paid, right?"  

Commissioner Mary Kramer's Husband
Commissioner Mary Kramer's Husband.  Well, he just wants some peace.  Just some peace.  No more wife as a subject of interest in a criminal extortion investigation (*as noted by our previous village attorney) .  He'll vote a big Whatever and truly mean it.  Because he's his own dude, damnit?  Right?  

Is $204,000 like a lot?  
Recently installed and soon to be challenged by a lawsuit fighting that installation, Vice Mayor Andreana Jackson has finally gained access to the exclusive environs of North Bay Island and is currently basking in being the Mayor's principal handmaiden.  Besides, she's no good at money!  What with all those nasty credit companies suing her!  

 New Commissioner (*Pending the results of a current lawsuit) Laura Hughes Cattabriga is facing some stiff legal bills of her own as a result of her lawsuit against Doug Hornsby so she could take his place on the commission.  Seems that she is being sued for Hornsby's legal costs, and there is a lawsuit to set aside her illegal appointment to Hornsby's seat.  

Cattabriga owes big - to her lawyer, to Norman Powell for acting as her de facto lawyer, to the mayor and to Mary Kramer's Husband's wife and she sure ain't gonna pay it out of her pocket.    

So $204,000 of taxpayer money?  Yes please.  

Tomorrow night, March 13, Item 10c, which has already been agreed by 4 of the 5 commissioners will be passed and Norman Powell going to finally hit the jackpot.  

Unless of course, enough residents show up to question this.  

Kevin Vericker
March 12, 2018


  1. Clearly you are not a lawyer as you seem to have no idea about the law. Or perhaps you are still consulting with the old Village Attorney dreaming about the days when facts were bent and cronies were protected to pursue personal agendas. It is all B.S.!!

    On a brighter note, you are a great fiction writer and propagandist! It is sad that a small group of people actually believe your vindictive nonsense.

    1. What a stupid comment. Of course I'm not a lawyer but I presume you are? You dismiss this as fiction yet clearly you have not read the contract.

      Ananymous, I'm not the least bit surprised you do not use your name. You're far more used to using Romanian masking addresses aren't you?


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