Friday, November 4, 2011

Recall or Resignation

The CFD ROME Pepe Jueves coalition sent out another of their blood red, poorly written screeds this week with the subject line "CORINA RESIGN NOW - THE CITIZENS DEMAND IT!!!!!" and that leaves me wondering. I wonder if that, resignation, is really the point of their brutal and mendacious campaign. Heck, they qualified the recall signatures which they gathered by creative misrepresentation and intimidation. Why not take it all the way to a recall?

It occurs to me that a recall would put Esquijarosa's personal tax and financial problems before the voters. But it would also put all the nasty business that this group has actively supported out in public, all of it.
  • Vogel's theft of services from the city (over a thousand dollars in cell service for his wife.)
  • The hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on legal services to handle routine management issues in the police department.
  • Lim's failure to pay any city taxes in 2008.
  • Kreps illegally signing thousands of dollars in unaudited checks.
And a lot more. Things like the strip club continuing to be pushed, what happened with the project money and why the city broke its own charter rules in the police chief's employment contract.

If there is a recall election, and I profoundly hope there will be one, then questions will be asked and answered. Questions they don't want you to hear and the answers will scare the socks off you.

The recall is just a pretense for an intimidation campaign to keep control of the city and keep us in the dark while our money is drained away.

The CFD and the twins don't want a recall. It was never about that.

Kevin Vericker
November 4, 2011

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