Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Former Dr. Richard Chervony Appointed To The Commission

In a totally unrehearsed and completely transparent process, Eddie and Connie Lim Kreps were joined by Dr. and Mrs. Dr. Vogel in an overwhelming urge to appoint CFD President and former Dr. Richard Chervony to Connie Lim Kreps old seat.

Connie Lim Kreps was then duly appointed mayor and Eddie Lim Kreps took first runner up and is now vice mayor.

It was a bizarre evening as it always will be when this crowd gets together and much of the entertainment consisted of Rey Trujillo being bashed by Fane Lozman and Trujillo in turn attacking me, which was weird. Poor Rey. Once again his friends turned on him and he withdrew rather than the face the humiliating sting of defeat.

Strip Club Scott Greenwald got up and announced to the horrified attendees that I had not been going to the Citizens Budget Oversight Board of which he, as the city's largest tax debtor and very very concerned about it, has been religiously attending. He's right. For months I've been asking that these not be held during regular business hours but like the other boards, meet after work. Since I don't make my money from a harem's tips, it's not possible for me to be there. But the Budget Oversight Board won't change the hours so citizens can watch Scott Greenwald weigh in on fiscal responsibility.

Eddie Lim Kreps made a short speech about the need for unity and moving on, before he voted for Richard Chervony. He also made a veiled reference to my own application for consideration as containing "innuendo".

My application contained the statement

Concern in the city is high following the recent recall campaign and there is grave concern over apparent ties on the commission to the developer of the proposed adult entertainment complex.
To clear up any clear confusion, I was specifically referring to Eddie Lim Kreps taking the maximum legal contribution from Strip Club Scott for his campaign and his three enthusiastic "Yes" votes to approve the club. These are well documented.

There were other whacky diversions.

But for now, I will leave you with one of the many Richard Chervony emails I have received over the last year. This one dated October 17, 2010 was sent to me when I called him out on his use of the title "Dr." and "MD" even though he is not and never has been a licensed physician. All misspellings are his and the reference to "lude" is a mispellling of the word "lewd".

Dear Miss Manner:

It is general social etiquette to name the full name so kinldy when referring to me as lascivious Richard Chervony, kindly include "THE LUDE".


The lude and lascivious Richard Chervony

Richard will be fine addition to our commission.

Kevin Vericker
November 30, 2011

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