Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meeting at 6:30 PM on Tuesday November 29 at City Hall

North Bay Village's leading intellectuals The Citizens for Full Disclosure decided to send out an email informing the citizens that the special commission meeting to choose an "interim" commissioner, Rey Trujillo, and then appoint him Mayor, is Wednesday, November 30. It's not.

It's Tuesday, November 29 at 6:30 PM City Hall and we need to be there.

The CFD wants the confusion. They acted as an electioneering group for Rey Trujillo and their activities have been supported by Scott Greenwald, the strip club developer.

Rey Trujillo was for the strip club before he was against it (sponsoring the resolutions to pass the plans, actively voting for it as a commissioner, and accepting campaign donations from Scott Greenwald.) If he becomes commissioner, whether or not he is appointed mayor, his ties are too deep with the developer and his previous support too strong to be trusted.

There are eight other candidates, myself included, with no ties to the strip club. If the commission must fill the seat (which they don't) then select someone with NO TIES TO THE STRIP CLUB.

They will only do this if we show up in numbers.

See the Agenda Below:

11-29-2011 Agenda City Commission Meeting

Kevin Vericker
November 26, 2011

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