Sunday, October 30, 2011

Taxes Are For Little People

In 2008, Eddie Lim did not pay his property taxes on his home or two investment properties. They went to tax auction in 2009.

TAX CERTIFICATE : YEAR 2008 NUMBER 27368 for $4088.40 bought on Aug. 13, 2009.
TAX CERTIFICATE : YEAR 2008 NUMBER 27366 for $7127.48 bought on July 24, 2009
TAX CERTIFICATE : YEAR 2008 NUMBER 27367 for $2119.49 bought on October 26, 2009
The total is $13 255.37

source Miami-Dade Property Appraiser

No word on how these have been satisfied but there are people looking into that.

Speaking of unpaid taxes, the city's biggest tax debtor, appointed by Eddie Lim to the Budget Oversight Commission, is bringing back his proposal to build a strip club at 1415 JFK Causeway. Yes, the strip club, enthusiastically supported by Eddie Lim in his tenure on the Planning and Zoning and on the commission but rejected by the city repeatedly, is back.

It will be on the agenda for the P&Z meeting November 15 at 7:30 PM. Rey Trujillo is on that board, and of course his campaign received the bulk of its financing from the gentlemen's club impressario. Eddie Lim has unwaveringly supported the development of the strip club, which I am certain has nothing to do with the $2000 he got from the same developer.
Bring popcorn and lots of single dollar bills as it promises to be a triple DDD show that night.

Kevin Vericker
October 30, 2011

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