Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Turns Out The Budget Wasn't Balanced After All

On September 20, after much complaining from the Vice Mayor about how the mayor had so "many, many questions" about the budget, and when the mayor asked that the inconsistencies be explained, she was brushed aside. The budget passed with Lim, Kreps and Mrs. Dr. Vogel voting yes.

Imagine how embarrassed the Lim Kreps twins and their elderly servants Dr. and Mrs. Dr. Vogel must be now that less than three weeks later, it comes out that the budget wasn't balanced at all. September 30th came and two cops were laid off. Now on October 11, there is a resolution seeking $937,530 to fund the police department. (Fun fact: the grant money to fund the cops did not come through because Connie Lim Kreps led the effort to fire the last legitimately hired city manager and the replacements never hired a grant writer.)

Actually I was just kidding about Lim Kreps being embarrassed. They knew all along that the budget wasn't balanced and knew what the strategy was. They just didn't want us to know.

In another step towards destroying democracy in North Bay Village, the interim city manager is introducing a resolution to restrict commissioners from introducing legislation unless there is a prior vote by the commission to allow it. Since the Lim Kreps and Mrs. Dr. Vogel have introduced virtually no legislation, this would effectively eliminate the commission from doing anything unless the Lim Kreps approved prior to approval.

Anyone else feel like we're living in a bad joke?

Kevin Vericker
October 5, 2011

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