Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weather Report From Orlando - Predictable Lack of Sunshine

Yesterday, our twin commissioners Connie and Eddie Lim Kreps flew up to Orlando a full 26 hours before the start of the Florida League of Cities lobbyist extravaganza. Since it's not their money sponsoring their vacation, they chose to fly rather than drive, which would have been difficult since Connie Lim Kreps had her license suspended in June.

Eddie was probably disappointed that they went in a big commercial jet instead of Connie's Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 he got her for Christmas. But they had to since the broomstick has very limited luggage capacity and they both required Tuesday night off from the commission meeting to pack. That's why it was cancelled.

The twins need to relax after a hard year of missing three meetings out of twelve each. It's a shame the weather isn't a little better in the happiest place on earth. Florida in August is hot and muggy to begin with and add in the lack of sunshine as the twins chat about their plans, you've got a really gloomy place in Orlando.

Bonus question - where is Bob Daniels, former North Bay Village chief this week? He's not on vacation. His out of office reply states that he is out of town from yesterday through next week. Anyone in Orlando spotted him?

Kevin Vericker
August 11, 2011

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