Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Eddie Lim and Connie Kreps Walk Away From the Commission

The regular commission meeting, scheduled for August 9, has been canceled. Dr. Vogel's health will not allow him to attend, and the twin commissioners Lim Kreps found themselves suddenly unavailable.

This has to stop. This is the third time this year that Lim Kreps have been unavailable for meetings without explanation. But we know the explanation. Dr. Vogel is not there to vote reliably on whatever issue the twins have decided.

In a democracy, governance is not about power. It is about the difficult and noisy process of finding the best outcome for the people represented, using the best judgment of the legislators and often making some very unattractive compromises.

I'm in Washington DC as I write this and possibly the worst deal since the Missouri Compromise has just passed Congress. Nobody likes the debt ceiling deal, including the reps who voted for it. But they stuck to it and fought it out and are trying to make the best of it. That's what governance is.

The North Bay Village issues, which are never discussed, are pretty straightforward:

Is a tax hike feasible? Two commissioners say No, two may be saying Yes.

Is the city well run under the current management? We know that two say Yes and that two have indicated No.

Are the commission meetings and the constant disruptions productive? Two yes, two no.

Your answer to the above may be mixed or firmly on one side or the other, but if the commission won't even meet to try to work these things out, we're in deep trouble.

And that's exactly what's happened. The going got tough for Lim Kreps and instead of honoring their promises to us and working to a resolution, they are bunking off.

Anyone else notice that the "Citizens for Full Disclosure" have not helpfully forwarded a message announcing the cancellation? They will now that I've mentioned it, but like the twin commissioners Lim Kreps, they'd rather not.

But the twins are conducting city business this week. We are paying for them to attend a lobbyist extravaganza in Orlando. A full two days of the League of Cities and the many social events organized by lobbyists. For this boondoggle they are taking their time and our money.

Why not use the new website to contact them? Click here. Ask them all why they will not be there August 9?

Kevin Vericker
August 3, 2011

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