Thursday, August 4, 2011

It Just Got Worse

Yesterday we found out that Lim Kreps are not available for Tuesday night, so the budget goes unaddressed, the city manager recruitment is postponed, etc.

But they have plenty of time to go off to Orlando on our money to spend four days at a 2 day conference. That's right. They are flying up on Wednesday for a Florida League of Cities gathering of the lobbyists. But the meeting doesn't start until Thursday at noon. I guess they need the "just us" time.

The cost is $355 to register, $396 for four nights in the hotel, I don't have the airfare and let's assume a per diem of $224 ($56 daily is the Fed rate)

But here's the oddest part. Dr. Vogel's registration and hotel have been paid, so I guess he's feeling better.

Esquijarosa and Rodriguez are not going - they prefer to pay for their own vacations.

Neither Lim Kreps nor Dr. Vogel could find time to have a commission meeting as we enter our second year of fiscal crisis.

Nice move. I hope one or another of the sessions you are attending will include the importance of actually being on the commission.

Kevin Vericker
August 4, 2011

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