Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Rains of August

The August rainstorms are on on us. The dark clouds roll in every day about this time and make the "Sunshine State" seem like an ironic comment rather than a description.

In keeping with Mother Nature's suspension of sunshine in August, our own twin commission members, Connie and Eddie Lim Kreps, fresh from their city paid vacation in Orlando, have found time in their August diaries to meet, only not with the public.

While the city is struggling with the budget, looking for a new city manager, unable to rein in the growing costs of the police department, the two were unwilling to attend any public commission meetings.

Tomorrow however, they were able to find time in their busy social diaries to attend a closed door executive session, presumably about the various lawsuits facing the city. The thing about an executive session is that you and I are not allowed to be there and their records are released much later.

Dr. Vogel remains off the commission due to illness and I am certain the twins are trying to avoid any public meetings where they might have to vote.

In the meantime, watch for the 2012 budget to come out with a token cut in police budget (actually a transfer to legal services.) No word on when or if there will be public budget hearings in August.

It's time to turn off the dark, twins. Come out into the light. Show yourselves.

Kevin Vericker
August 17, 2011

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