Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two More July 2010 Commission Meetings (with update)

The first is a meeting Wednesday July 21 with two purposes:

1.) Establish the Millage Rate maximum for the next fiscal year. Don't freak out. This is not to set the actual millage rate but to put the top limit for when the budget is created. After that, that actual millage rate is decided.

2.) Fire Joe Geller. This part of the Trujillo Tax, the cost to each North Bay Village resident of getting rid of people with whom the former Vice Mayor has "communication" issues. The former Vice Mayor does not want to risk that the direction of the city be decided in the ballot box next November and wants to ensure that the city goes broke first.

There are a few other things left over from last week's event. Endorse the FOP's Code Enforcement strategy. Set the September schedule for the budget hearings. Discuss whether or not the commission should meet in August.

One of particular interest is the appointment of Planning and Zoning committee members. There was much push-back at the last meeting from North Bay Island residents who want the hedge height restrictions kept in place. They had been silent at the previous meetings but now want to make sure that their voice is heard.

Here's what not on the agenda -

1.) The item regarding houseboat fees. This had been very important to Fane Lozman but no longer suits the political agenda so it has been tossed overboard.

2.) And a not single word from any of the commission members proposing even a mild censure of Vice Mayor George Kane's actions in attempting to be compensated for his proposal to move City Hall to the Lexi. Not one word from anyone. North Bay Village government doesn't object to this.

There will be a second meeting is a budget workshop on July 28 where I imagine we will be discussing how broke we are.

Update - on the July 21 agenda, the proposed date for the budget hearing, September 8, falls on the first night of Rosh Hashanah, which will create conflict for many of our residents. I'm sure they will propose another date.

Both agendas are below:

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Kevin Vericker
July 20, 2010

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