Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Corruption And No Censure

Nobody involved in NBV Commission politics seems to have any doubt about Vice Mayor George Kane's attempt to make money from the City Hall move to the Lexi. The Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics found that he improperly introduced and promoted the move and although he recused himself from the final vote, that was not sufficient. George Kane agreed to plead "No Contest" and he and his partners are required to return $25,000 over the next two years to the city.

George Kane's excuse is that he was the victim here, of scurrilous lies, vindictive accusations from parties not present and the object of infamous calumnies. His "No Contest" was to make it all stop.

Guess what? When you're a public official, charged with an offense, and you plea for convenience, the matter does not go away.

Last night, July 13, the North Bay Village Commission had a chance to stand against corruption. The commission could have and should have issued a motion of censure against George Kane and equally importantly, put the move on hold until the City Attorney and the City Manager could assure the commission that the deal is clean.

They didn't do it. Not one of them. Instead, they quietly let this go unremarked, with no action proposed or taken. And I was the only citizen who spoke on the topic at last night's meeting. The silence from the dais and the public was remarkable.

I don't get it. Do we not agree that this behavior is ethically wrong and practically damaging? Are we so wrapped up in our various agenda that we can't even do the minimum to let the city residents and businesses know that we don't sanction this? These are serious questions I pose. Tell me if I am missing something. I'm pretty discouraged.

I have attached the complaints and the no contest pleas again below.

Compilation of Complaint Against George Kane
Resolution of Complaint Against George Kane

Kevin Vericker
July 13, 2010

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