Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CFD Mailing on the North Bay Village Trujillo Tax

A special shout out goes today to the Citizens for Full Disclosure who forwarded this article from today's Miami Herald North Bay Village Contracts With Second City Attorney.. I am often at odds with the CFD over specifics but I am pleased that they are sharing this information with the community. If you did not get the email, click on the link to view the article.

In the same email, there was another Herald article about the taxes North Bay Village proposes a higher tax rate for next year. The article presents the information about the maximum TRIM and its effects very concisely. Again, well done and thanks for getting this out there.

I do have one small complaint with the first article( North Bay Village Contracts With Second City Attorney..). Quote from the article - "At a June meeting, Commissioner Reinaldo Trujillo ordered the interim city manager to negotiate the terms of Geller's firing." Trujillo didn't "order". As a commissioner, or even in his former post as vice mayor, he does not have that right. Only the commission by majority vote can order something from the city manager. I know this is a quibble and I am sure Trujillo believes he did indeed issue an order, but he has no such authority.

But such concerns aside, the fact that the CFD sent this information out confirms my long held belief that we want the same things for the city - fiscal responsibility, transparency - even when we disagree on the means. Good job.

Kevin Vericker
July 27, 2010

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