Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grandview Palace and the Trujillo Tax in North Bay Village

Former Vice Mayor Trujillo speaks proudly of his business and civic experience. His tenure on the board at the Grandview Palace is a good example. He's managed to get civic subsidies for private bills totaling over $180,000 while the Grandview Palace currently ranks in the bottom 6% of condo buildings in Miami by

Here's one from November of 2007, when the Grandview Palace Condos, where he is a resident and is currently Vice President of the Condo Board, found itself with a water bill in arrears of around $174,000, Commissioner Trujillo organized a deal with the then city manager to forgive $127,305.59 of the bill. This adjustment, not voted on the by the commission, meant that the cost of water for the Grandview Palace was spread among the rest of the North Bay Village homeowners. I've attached the document below. Scroll through and look for yourself at the unexplained adjustment of Nov. 30, 2007.

In the matter of the Grandview and another issue, there remains an outstanding debt of $57,000 which Commissioner Trujillo has twice to get the commission to forgive. This was money that the city laid out in 2005 when the Grandview required round the clock fire marshals to keep the building habitable. There's no question that they owe it, it's just that Commissioner Trujillo doesn't want his building to pay for it. Apparently, paying for the water and the upkeep of Trujillo's condo is the obligation of the North Bay Village taxpayer.

Time for some math:

$127,305 + $57,000 = $184,305. Grandview Palace unpaid debts.

Cost per North Bay Village Household is about $200.00. And we don't even get a Thank You note?

I've been asked why I am writing about the "Trujillo Tax". Easy, because every time Rey Trujillo gets a notion, it winds up costing the North Bay Village taxpayers in real dollars. Think of it this way - the cost per person in the United Kingdom to support the Royal Family is around $1 USD. The cost per person in North Bay Village to support Trujillo's moves on the Grandview Palace is around $26. I'm no monarchist, but it seems the Brits got a better deal.

Grand View Palace Water Bill

Kevin Vericker
July 18 ,2010

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  1. Kevin,
    I would like to express my opinion regarding the money owed to the city by the Grand View Plaza. As a long time resident of NBV I know that the current procedure is that if you are late paying a Water/Sewer bill, within 2 weeks you will get a notice telling you that you have only 2 or 3 days to pay the bill before the water is shut off. If the bill is not paid by the date on the notice, off goes the water!!! So if I have to pay the bill with no leeway, why has the Grand View Palace not had their water shut off after all this time?? This is not fair to the other residents of North Bay Village.
    I hear certain residents at the Commission meetings complaining constantly about an old bill that the Mayor owed, but I don't hear them complaining about the $127,305.59 bill owed by the Grand View and forgiven by the city! A much more substantial bill than could have possibly been owed by the Mayor. Could it be because Rey Trujillo is their mentor and champion?? The one who does their bidding?? We could certainly use that money now, and the city ought to go after them with the threat of shutting off their water in order to get them to pay! I think now I understand why periodically, I and other residents that I have spoken with, receive inflated water bills for absolutely NO REASON!! In fact I have complained to the city at times that a particular bill is too high for what I know the usage was, but to no avail! I have to pay it or have my water turned off! It usually happens about twice a year, and has gone on for years, now. Other residents can confirm this too, I'm sure. I have usually written "paid under protest" on those checks just because that seems to be my only recourse.
    It's way past the time for them to pay that back bill. There is no reason for it to have been "forgiven"! It's also time for them to pay the $57,000.00 that is owed to the city for money laid out to pay the Fire Marshals to keep their building open at that time. Just because Rey Trujillo is a commissioner and was the former Vice Mayor should not give him the right as the Vice President of the Grand View Condo Board, to avoid paying the bill. If anything, he should be setting the proper example for the rest of the city by paying the bill!
    Nancy Sonnett-Selwyn


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