Thursday, June 28, 2018

Terrible Mayor Slams City She Hates

On Mayor Crazy Eyes Kreps' march out the door following her unprecedented failure as our mayor, presiding (mayoring?) over the evacuation of all our waterfront businesses, our tax hikes, our school decline, and the host of issues that we face, is determined to keep throwing gasoline filled bottles in her wake.  

Last night, our mayor appeared on NBC 6's "exclusive" exposé regarding FEMA claims and Frank Rollason.  Now the whole purpose was to insult Frank Rollason but when our mayor saw the added advantage of spending another $250,000 of the taxpayer's money to prove she is really the victim here, she put on her warpaint and got on camera.  

And what a story it is.  

You see, Norman C. Powell, former registered strip club lobbyist and current North Bay Village Attorney, El Portal Interim Village Attorney and illegally presiding traffic magistrate, put in a complaint saying that the FEMA chargebacks from the Village were too high.  

Since Powell is a new attorney, he thought the State of Florida was in charge of the Federal Emergency Management Agency because he didn't know yet.  So he brought the unfounded complaint to the state who politely told him it had to be at the federal level.  He insisted he was sure that a guy had told him that was not true.  So the FDLE put in a Public Records Request just to shut him up.  

Pro tip, if the FDLE wants to investigate you, they put out something called a subpoena which actually compels you to turn over the documents.  They don't suffer the same way we poor bloggers have to with Public Records Request.  

Anyway, Norm did take his stuff to the feds, to the DOJ specifically.  Where it is sitting and will eventually be investigated and eventually found unwarranted and eventually the village will get its money but not before it ruins next year's budget.  

But it does give Mayor Crazy Eyes a chance to put a hurt on Frank Rollason and that's sure worth a quarter of a million of our tax dollars, right?  

Here's the whole bullshit from NBC 6. 

Kevin Vericker
June 28, 2018

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