Wednesday, June 20, 2018

More Ethics BS and The Mayor Wants to Fire Marlen Martell

Norman C. Powell's Proudest Accomplishment -
Actually claims he's a free speech hero for this.  
Current North Bay Village Fixer / Attorney Norman C. Powell, formerly a registered strip club lobbyist in North Miami Beach, has one client - himself.  He's collecting a base of $204,000 per year plus he's up for a sweet part time gig in Biscayne Park and all he has to do is bully the dais and try to keep the investigations away from the mayor.  

Norm is doing this through a combination of questionable moves, loud defense tactics, and most importantly by bullying anyone who gets in his way.  

Norm's got a big, lying, dishonest, false police report that he is pushing on Frank Rollason, one that was closed out but Big Daddy insisted be reopened just because and in that complaint, Finance Director Bert Wrains and Commissioner Eddie Lim are directly accused of issuing an ~$15,000 payment to cover a personal expense from Frank Rollason.  This is a crime to fabricate a complaint and use police resources for a false investigation.  

The complaint was apparently concocted by a four charge fraudster in collaboration with Norman and it's going nowhere but Norm needed to make sure he slapped Eddie Lim up some more.  

So Norm decided to cuck Eddie Lim by fabricating an Ethics Complaint that said that Eddie Lim was trying to get business in the Village.   Powell got his second to bottom girl, Commissioner Laura Cattabriga, to express her fake concern that Eddie was representing a petitioner .  (Seriously, Laura Cattabrigga being "concerned" is like an Italian Soccer Player getting "injured", pure cheap theatrics hoping to score.)   
Laura Cattabriga is "concerned"

Anyway, Norm and Laura went off to Ethics and filed a complaint C18-18-4 accusing Eddie of abusing his position on the commission by, well, it's not clear by what.   And Ethics had to investigate it and today dismissed the complaint because it was always not true.  Here's the complaint dismissal for your review.  Here to see the closeout memo.  

This is part of a larger pattern.  Earlier this year, Norman C. Powell and Vice Mayor Andreana Jackson concocted a fictitious complaint against former Commissioner Chervony and at Powell's insistence, the police department wasted tens of thousands investigating a wholly fictitious complaint.   

Police Chief Noriega's complaint shows a very different view of Norman C. Powell's claims that the police chief withheld information from him.  

And of course we have second to the bottom girl, Laura Hughes Cattabriga, undeclared mayoral candidate and designated successor to Crazy Eyes who took a closed internal investigation and colluded with Norman C. Powell to slam the North Bay Village Police Department on NBC6.   

Just remember, we're paying him $204,000 per year base to do this part time.  He's smarter and richer than you or me.  

The Mayor is Trying to Fire Village Manager Marlen Martell.  

Well, that was quick.  At last week's commission meeting, Mayhem Martell presented the most half assed proposal for July 4th fireworks ever seen.  Not only had she not accounted for where people might go to look at the fireworks, she was planning to put them between Benihana and Shuckers burt couldn't be arsed to get their input and had no idea of what the police impact might be, three weeks before the event.  Now Martell really did screw this up because she's not very good at her job but it's kind of Crazy Eyes' fault because Martell was the only candidate she could find who promised to fire the police chief.   But Mayor Crazy Eyes does not take responsibility for anything ever and has been sending nasty emails around about Martell.  

 I'm guessing we'll hear more about this next month and the mayor will try a move.  

Kevin Vericker
June 20, 2018

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