Saturday, June 30, 2018

Mayoral Temper Tantrum Fails Like Everything Else The Mayor Does

Fading like a bad dream
As Mayor Kreps leaves office and walks away, she is determined to continue tossing molotov cocktails to burn the evidence of her failures.  Kreps never really attempted to govern and has always been driven by her own intellectual and moral demons to act out on a public stage, but since her chief enabler, former registered strip club lobbyist Norman C. Powell, was brought on board at $204,000 per year the acting out has just gotten worse.  

In this week's installment, Mayor Crazy Eyes has been fuming since the failure of the fireworks proposal last week and she blames Marlen Martell for that failure.  And she wants Martell punished!  Now!  

On Tuesday June 27, the Mayor, several of her personalities,  and Norman Powell went to Martell to demand her resignation.   Now the mayor is only one of five and has no right to do that on her own and the village attorney never has that right but they were hoping they could intimidate her into quitting.  Regardless, they failed.  Martell did not offer her resignation.  

Commissioner Mary Kramer's Husband -
The Mayor's only reliable vote
Much of the rest of the week was the two of them trying to get enough votes to fire Martell in a special meeting.  That would require three votes.  The mayor could only count on two - herself and Mary Kramer's employee, who I understand is named Jose Alvarez.   To succeed the mayor needed assurances that Vice Mayor Andreana Jackson and/or illegally installed Commissioner Laura Cattabriga would support the motion.  

Laura Cattabriga, who is planning to run for mayor and who the mayor believes is dedicated to continuing the Kreps Krazy legacy (she is not) is dishonest, slick and unctuous towards the mayor when it suits her but unlike the mayor, Cattabriga is not stupid and knows that if she joins in firing a village manager 90 days after enthusiastically hiring the same one, it will look like, well what it is, a failure to govern.   So Cattabriga, along with Jackson, have refused to support the notion, letting the question of Martell's continued employment sit until after the election.   

There is of course one other factor.  Eddie Lim could be a third vote either way but he's voting based on his belief of what's best for the village and Crazy Eyes can't risk that.  So we have the mayor stewing in incoherent rage and based on past behavior, we can assume that the mayor will start trying to take it out on Cattabriga.  The spiral continues.  

Kevin Vericker
June 30, 2018

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