Thursday, October 9, 2014

Who's Behind The Hit Piece on Jorge Brito?

Like clockwork, the dark, negative attacks on Mayor Kreps' opponent, Jorge Brito, have started effusing into local mailboxes.   

This week's special is a flier sent by Floridians for a Strong Future, an electioneering Communication Organization, which started earlier this year and is exclusively funded by people who have a financial interest in keeping Kreps in office.  As of October 3, 2014, they had raised $37,600 to support keeping Kreps in office by any means possible.  

So their first contribution to the political discourse in North Bay Village is a letter darkly calling Jorge Brito a bully because when the people who were under investigation at the Kennedy House tried to intimidate him into stop asking questions, he refused.   In fact, his questions led to an arrest of the property manager at the Kennedy House and ongoing investigation.

Who sent this out?  Well according to the public records available at Florida Department of State, the mailing was done by a strip club lobbyist.  (click here, then choose Finance Activity, then choose Expenditures on the bottom).  And who funded it?  For that, click on the contributors button.

You'll see motley crew of Real Estate developers who want or got major variances on their projects and a contractor (CAP) with the village who wants to keep their current contract.   This is the old school  "Pay To Play" financing.  

Here's the Breakdown:

Developers are the bulk
So if you think this election is about making sure that people making money from the Village make even more money from the Village, then you know how to vote.  

But if you think what matters is getting it right for the people who live here, then vote for Jorge Brito for Mayor and Mario Garcia for Commissioner.  They're not afraid of questions and they won't back down.  

Kevin Vericker
October 9, 2014

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  1. Resorting to negative campaign tactics is the sign of a politician in trouble. Mayor Leon-Kreps is fully aware that mayoral candidate Jorge Brito is a formidable opponent with county wide endorsements a plan a vision unlike any seen in this city since its inception. Luckily her association to unsavory campaign managers and a questionable PACs has backfired and now Mayor Leon-Kreps has been identified as a mud slinging politician. Vote on the basis of substance not on unsubstantiated gossip brought to you by unscrupulous campaign managers.


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