Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taxes Are For Little People

Pompous ass and smug twit Commissioner Jorge Gonzalez is currently cyberbullying a resident over on Facebook.  Gonzalez answered her questions about his platform by refusing to answer and then demanding to know if she pays taxes in North Bay Village.  She does.  Three times as much as Gonzalez in fact, about $11,000 in property taxes alone.  Why is he doing that, you wonder?  Because he's a condescending phony, I answer. 

Gonzalez doesn't pay his taxes.  When Bluestone Holdings didn't work out, like so many of his other adventures, he bailed.  Just left and has been leaving the debt accumulating since 2010.  

Remember last month at the commission meeting, when Gonzalez said, "If people don't like our taxes, they should move."  I do.  I was there.  But he doesn't pay his.  

The Miami Herald asked him about his bankruptcy in 2010 and a $1 million judgment against him in 2012.  His reply.  
Well, it kind of does.  After all, he's in charge of spending other people's money, doesn't pay his own taxes, lives large while leaving others on the hook for his bad business decisions and now he won't talk about it because it's irrelevant.  

Gonzalez took a gift of a nearly $6,000 for an all expense paid trip to Turkey after he set up negotiations with a Turkish investor to buy our waterfront properties cheaply.  Don't know what he got out of it, besides the all expense paid trip to an exotic locale, but we wound up twinned with Isparta, Turkey and our brother mayor is really popular as a member the pro-Islamic, ultra-nationalist Turkish party, the MHP.  They're even listed in the Encyclopedia of Terrorism, but hey, travel is fun. 

On another theme, as President of the 360 Condo, he summarily shut off public access even though it is required by code.   This leaves his fellow owners at high risk of a lawsuit by residents shut out.  As commissioner, he says about the matter, "I have no solutions."  

Gonzalez kind of does have solutions - Borrow too much?  Go bankrupt.  Don't like the public?  Ignore the law and close the street.  Don't want to pay taxes?  Don't.  Want to see the world?  Give them someone else's money.  

It just that we can't afford his solutions.  

Kevin Vericker
October 14, 2014

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  1. Why go to Turkey to look for sister cities? How many NBV citizens are of Turkish ancestry? Does it not make more sense to go find a sister city in Jerusalem, Dublin, Buenos Aires? And what of that business angle? Did Gonzalez profit from that trip? Time to call Joe Centorino and let him sort it all out.


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