Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunny Sunday Update

Today is the Miami No Pants Metrorail ride.  If you have ever wanted to ride mass transit in your boxers or panties, today is the day.   I have no such desire so I won't be there.  Also, it's Miami.  If you want to see scantily clad people in public, Lincoln Road is always a good choice.  

There is a very special commission meeting scheduled for Wednesday, Jan 15 at 6:30 PM to authorize a private executive session to deal with the ongoing issue of the former village manager's severance package.  The Village has not paid the money to him because of well, reasons.   

As the Village has continued to achieve its only known goal - "to be a beautiful, quaint Village on the Bay" - the commission has decided that January is a vacation month for them and won't be considering any other business this month.   The Charter says that either July or August is the time allowed to skip a meeting for vacation but whatever.  

Normally, this absence would prevent the village manager from doing his job since some things must be commission authorized but he's covered that by conducting polls through email so the public doesn't have to be concerned about the issues.  Nothing to see here.  
So that's the round up.  

Kevin Vericker
January 12, 2014

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