Friday, January 3, 2014

Every Month Has a Second Tuesday Except January

Eddie Lim and Wendy Duvall scheduled their vacations to run over the second Tuesday of January 2014, the one day of the month they are required to report for their jobs.   Jorge Gonzalez cannot attend for reasons.   And none can seem to find a single other date in January to do the job they sought and are paid for  

So there will be no commission meeting this month.  There may not be board meetings either. There is nothing published on our village calendar.  (And the Bookmobile stopped coming this year.) 

Here's the calendar as of today January 3, 2014:

I think three of the commission members have just given up.  Commissioners Lim and Gonzalez barely speak at the meetings, let alone offer any guidance, and Wendy Duvall does not show up.   Most decisions are made by the cabal of our unelected Mayor Kreps, the voices in her head, the voices in the shadow government of praise singers - those commercial contractors and over paid,  underperforming managers who play her so masterfully.    

Mayor Kreps has done everything she can to disenfranchise the community and reward those obsequious favor seekers.  The commission meetings long ago degenerated into Mayor Kreps making surly nonsensical remarks to and about Commissioner Chervony while the two commissioners present merely look on with expressions of embarassed disgust at her antics.  I understand them not showing up but I blame them for not taking a stand.  

Mayor Kreps should resign in 2014.  The job is clearly beyond her capabilities and it's embarrassing to watch her alienate her peers like this.  

Kevin Vericker
January 3, 2014

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