Friday, January 24, 2014

There's No News on Shuckers

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Shuckers was part of the community fabric of North Bay Village.  It's where we met for dinner, drinks and brought out of towners to show them the bay and the village at it's best advantage.  It was welcome news the Miami Herald ran a story on Sunday Shuckers Bar and Grill in North Bay Village rebuilding seven months after deck collapse until you actually read the story.   

Several things jump out right away.  

  • The Owners had no comment. 
  • Their lawyers had no comment.  
  • Their PR group had no comment.  
In fact, the only people commenting on the subject were the Village Manager, the Building Inspector and the lawyer for people suing Shuckers, none of whom have direct knowledge of the owner's plans.  Given how poorly Mayor Kreps and the Village staff managed the aftermath of the deck collapse last June, you'd think that the Village would have figured out that the best policy is to let the owners speak or not, and only comment on things that can be seen by others.  For a recap of the shambolic events last June, check out this link. It's best if you imagine the theme from Benny Hill playing as you watch the mayor being asked if an expert would have overlooked the deck inspection.  It's time for the grandstanding to end.  I'm surprised the Herald even published the article.  There's no news there, just speculation and blather.  

Kevin Vericker
January 24, 2014


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