Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Maybe This Time...

The Mayor and Vice Mayor are calling a special meeting for Thursday July 11. at 7:30 PM to appoint another "interim" Village Manager.  The search for a permanent one has hit a wall since, seriously, who wants to sacrifice their career in North Bay Village?  

Right now the city is being capably led by the Deputy Village Manager, but once again we are falling into the old pattern of believing the next one is the right one.  

The candidate is Frank Rollason and you can see his impressive resume at this village website.  Mr. Rollason may very well be a good choice to lead the village for a while but his chances of success are slim.   

Don't forget he's hobbled by the same contract that gives our grandstanding, political operative police chief immunity from supervision which has killed the budget, and he will be reporting to the same commission as the others.   And this commission has not shown much leadership.   

Kevin Vericker
July 9, 2013

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