Friday, July 12, 2013

Mario Garcia's blog does a great job of breaking down last night's interim manager meeting.   You should click here to read it in detail.  

The process was wrong.  Commissioner Duvall couldn't be there as the "special" meeting was scheduled while she was in the hospital giving birth.  She wrote about her worries that this was being done hastily saying "Even though this is an interim position wouldn't this have called for interviews from the commission and possibly including other candidates?" and list the questions that were not asked last night.  

Richard Chervony was more blunt stating that the meeting was called hastily to avoid discussion and consideration of the hire.  He sharply criticized the Lim-Kreps for calling the meeting as an emergency, noting there are 4 scheduled meetings already set in July, and wondering aloud if Sunshine had been violated.   

The three other commissioners were defensive on the subject, dismissing Chervony and ignoring Duvall's concerns, with the mayor adding that Chervony would benefit from reading books about positive things.   That was weird. 

The criticism of the process, the rush to move this forward, was unanimous from the public.  Nobody at any point was criticizing the current interim manager nor raising concerns about  the candidate.  Simply, it was concern about rushing the process rather than wait five days for the regular meeting and give all five of the commissioners to properly interview.  Remember this is the same commission that deferred appointing boards because the Vice Mayor was out of town yet on this critical appointment, did it without a full commission.   

It's not good.  Again, read Mario's Blog for the full coverage.  

Kevin Vericker
July 12, 2013  

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