Saturday, June 29, 2013

Village as Saturday June 29

Mario Garcia hosted a meeting for the revived Crime Watch this week and had a strong turnout from Cutlass Avenue.   The Crime Watch is done block by block and kudos to Mario for getting this moving.  You can read more about it at his blog.  Now if the police get involved and support this, it looks like North Bay Village will move forward towards re-establishing a Crime Watch.   North Bay Village used to have Crime Watch but Chief Daniels has a strong antipathy to community involvement  and stopped support several years ago. 

Over at the Facebook group, North Bay Village Residents Speak, Jim Carter posted a good summary of the issues facing North Bay Village and reported on the efforts of TINA, the Treasure Island Neighborhood Association, to bring the quality of life issues to the forefront.   It's best to read the piece in detail at the link above.  The high level summary is:  

  • Address the dirty streets on Treasure Island
  • Improve the police presence on the island.  Several residents noted cars parked in the wrong direction as a problem.  
  • Carter noted the website which publicizes police activity  in Florida cities.  
  • Gating and security cameras are still being discussed.  
Best to read it in detail.  It's good stuff.  Just click on the link above.  

The PTA at Treasure Island Elementary is sponsoring a mural celebrating the school's acceptance to the International Baccalaureate Program.  It will be executed by Arts For Learning under the supervision of teaching artist Carlos Noguera, himself a former TIES student, graduate of DASH, and later Tufts and Harvard.  Carlos is currently teaching art at the Dwight School in Seoul Korea and leading a summer project here.   

Some of my own notes:

Last night, Critical Mass rode about 3000 bikes through North Bay Village.   I love Critical Mass and I love that they take the streets back from automobiles.  I watched and wished I had joined.   

 Paprika Lounge on Treasure Island continues to delight and amaze me.  It's a bright sophisticated space with live entertainment.  I had dinner there last night and the food is outstanding.   

The police chief is taking one of his five weeks of vacation plus comp time that he gets annually so he was unable to attend or send anyone to the Crime Watch meeting.   Also the department claims to be down two officers but that's not true.  They're currently paying one to sit at home and do nothing since the Chief doesn't like him, and Mrs. Chief Michelle Malkin-Daniels (you know he gave his wife a badge, right?) is never assigned any duties.   Our tax dollars go to support the vacations and family issued badges. 

Village Hall is moving over the weekend to 1666 JFK Causeway so that's probably a good thing.  

July 4 there is a City Celebration at Treasure Island Elementary from 1 - 5.   

So I guess that's the main news in review.  

Kevin Vericker
June 29, 2013

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