Saturday, June 15, 2013


Shuckers is part of North Bay Village.  For decades it has been a bright spot, a place we bring out of towners and I think everyone in North Bay Village has enjoyed the place over the years.  What happened the other day was a tragedy and a setback for our village.  There will be time to understand why it happened and time to fix the broken process if there is one that let it happen.  North Bay Villagers love this place and we hope it comes back better and stronger.  

In the meantime, our village leadership is failing.  Police Chief Bob Daniels was cited in the Herald discussing what he nor anybody could possibly know.  Less than a full day after, he announced that "overcrowding and criminal activity" had been ruled out, as though the detectives have interviewed over a 100 witnesses and reviewed the videos. or the Fire Department who manages occupancy issues had completed their review.  Daniels was just making stuff up.  

In the same article, our public works manager Rodney Carrero and the engineering inspection firm have started a "he said - she said" schoolyard discussion.  The city has not been able to produce the inspection report so there's really no way of knowing.   

And that's the point.  In a time of crisis, it matters that our leaders only say what they know to be true and not jump to unfounded conclusions.  It's frustrating not to know the specifics but that's the reality and the public deserves the facts, not speculation.   

The mayor, the commission and the village manager need to step in.  They have to stop the Police Chief from spreading half truths and need to get to the bottom of the argument with public works.  This is the first time in his tenure that Bob Daniels has faced a crisis and he's failed so far.  When the dust settles, this issue can't be left to die. 

Click here for The Herald article and here for the CBS4 report.  

Kevin Vericker
June 115, 2013

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