Saturday, May 19, 2012

Disinformation About Channel 7 and the Strip Club

Someone started a rumor that Channel 7 is moving, which would make their opposition to the strip club moot.  

But they are not moving, according to WSVN General Manager Robert Leider.  I wrote to him when I heard this and he specifically denied the move, as did one of the local reporters.   

 This is a classic PR stunt in a lawsuit that has no merit.   Put out a piece of gossip about your opponent designed to discredit their interest in the case.  It's cheap, sleazy and often effective.  And it's not true.  

What is apparently true is that someone has introduced an ordinance to amend in some way the zoning governing Adult Entertainment Districts in North Bay Village.  At the moment it is unclear who introduced the amendment or what its purpose is but it will be heard for recommendation at the Planning and Zoning Meeting on May 29.   

An ordinance or its amendments can only be introduced by members of the commission, the city manager, the city clerk and the city attorney.   I wrote the city manager Dennis Kelly and he had not introduced any amendment.  He promised to get me more information on the subject this Monday.   It remains an unknown who thinks it's a good idea to change the disputed ordinance in the middle of a lawsuit.  

We need to watch this closely.  

Kevin Vericker
May 19, 2012

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