Tuesday, May 1, 2012

City Hall Never Paid Its Property Taxes

Scott Greenwald, the would be strip club impresario,  is the landlord for North Bay Village's city hall and police station at 1700 Kennedy Causeway at a cost of some $141,000 per year. Greenwald has never once paid the property taxes on the facilities and owes $98,734 in property taxes dating back three years. Source: Miami-Dade County Property Apraiser's Office 

The same Greenwald also owes the city $25,000 in repayments for an illegally negotiated commission to move the City Hall to this site. This money has apparently never been paid either. 

Greenwald's properties at 7914 - 7916 West Drive are health hazards destroying the recently completed park and of course, he never paid taxes on them, owing $183,084.   

Strip club litigant Greenwald continues to sit on the North Bay Budget Oversight Board. Greenwald was appointed to the board by Eddie Lim, Connie Leon-Kreps and Dr. Vogel in early 2010, long after they knew of his plans to develop a strip club at 1415 JFK Causeway which has an unpaid tax debt of $923,748.  Look it up here.

Yet Greenwald continues to sit on the Board, weighing such matters as how much the city should spend to fight the lawsuit he brought.

Probably not a good idea to have the city's largest tax debtor on the Budget Oversight Board and certainly a terrible idea to have someone suing the city overseeing the finances.   

Kevin Vericker
May 1, 2012

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