Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Adult Entertainment Ordinance

It is a peculiarity of North Bay Village that unlike other jurisdictions, we allow the city attorney and the city manager to propose legislation.   It's probably not a good idea.  That is after all what we elect commissioners for.

The piece of legislation that most concerns me now is the revision of ordinance governing the Adult Entertainment establishments.  This revision was introduced by the City Attorney and the City Manager.

The changes seem to be useful.  They clarify language so that it is keeping with contemporary coding practice and clearly establishes the conditions of operation.  This revision is worth considering.  And it is important to remember that there is no active application for an adult establishment.  In all the noise, it seems to have been forgotten that Scott Greenwald never filed a complete application.

The odd situation though of the City Attorney both proposing and defending legislation is a factor here.  I hope before it comes to the commission that one of the commissioners will agree to sponsor it.  We need full explanations of the thought processes and that conflicts with the role of a legal counsel in active litigation.

Overall, I am not particularly concerned about this.  In fact, it's probably a net good. It still matters that we keep pressure on the commission though to ensure that every resource is used to maintain the city stand against this intrusion.

I'll let you know as I know more.

Kevin Vericker
May 30, 2012

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