Friday, April 15, 2011

Lim-Kreps Get Religion

Eddie Lim and Connie Leon-Kreps respectively wrote the city manager to claim that they are each hearing from concerned residents who feel that having a special meeting on Thursday April 21 would interfere with their religious observances of Holy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter. The twins then said they could not attend.

First of all, Holy Thursday is not a day of obligation in any Catholic or Christian tradition. Among the employers working normally are the Archdiocese of Miami, the Episcopal Diocese of South Florida, the federal, state, county and local government. It's a ploy.

The twins know that North Bay Village Voice is serious. Address the problems of the city or recalls start May 1. Dr. Vogel is one of the eligible commissioners and they have been trying for some time to figure a way out to unseat him. His support for the city manager has become a problem for them.

North Bay Village Voice doesn't want to do recalls but will, on any commissioner who does not actively pursue the platform of stopping tax hikes, keeping services and stopping generous contracts.

Vice Commissioner Lim-Kreps figure that they can ride this out. If they delay, they know the recalls start May 1 and it solves their problem. But they would do well to remember that we won't stop with just one recall. Any commissioner who does not support the fundamental change in governance will be the subject of a recall.

It's a sneaky thing they are doing, using a pretext of religious observance as a way to throw their colleague under the bus, but that's how they play.

Kevin Vericker
April 15, 2011

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