Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bury the Lead

So yesterday the New Times put up a story about Corina Esquijarosa's foreclosure problems. Essentially a rehash of the Miami Herald story from October 28 of last year. Click here for the article. The foreclosure crisis has hit a lot of people hard and I have to wonder why now is this a story?

One reason that comes to mind immediately is that it diverts attention from the real scandals going on in North Bay Village.

  • The vice-mayor, Connie Kreps, and part time city manager Bob Pushkin have been signing checks illegally.

  • The Waste Management Systems contract is set to be approved and side yard pickup about to be eliminated based on false information about a fictitious $500,000 annual savings.

  • The city's largest tax debtor (over $2 million and counting) is still being rewarded with tax breaks and rental income from the city.

  • The legal services bills for police department investigations have already exceeded the annual budget.

But let's spend our time and effort rehashing an ancient non scandal. Good move. By the way, the CFD helpfully forwarded the article and then put a bunch of comments under other people's names. Well, I would be ashamed if I were them too.

Kevin Vericker
April 19, 2011

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