Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Forget You

Wow, what to say about last night?

Three of the commissioners firmly stood against all attempts to bring transparency to the city government. Connie and Eddie Lim-Kreps along with Dr. Vogel made sure that pockets public and private will continue to be lined with cash collected from us.

The requests were simple enough:

  • Assess the Police Department and find out why they are so wildly over-budget. Answer from the Trio: Forget you.

  • Require a supermajority of commissioners to approve the next tax hike. Answer: Forget You

  • Fix the contracts process so that the upcoming projects- the boardwalk, the landscaping, etc. dont wind up like the $4 million pocket park. Answer: Forget you.

I didn't expect much from the twins, Eddie and Connie Lim-Kreps. After all, the vice mayor has been illegally signing checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Eddie Lim-Kreps campaign was bought and paid for by the garbage contractor. They even toddled off for a lovely dinner during their romantic getaway two weeks ago in Tallahassee, a dinner entirely paid for by the garbage contractor.

But I expected better from Dr. Vogel last night. He knows better than all of us how much money has gone missing over the years and should have voted for transparency. Dr. Vogel's ill, he's tired, but he, like Lim-Kreps, made a decision to shut down bringing day light to the spending.

Some other notes: The City Manager finally acknowledged that he may have said $500,000 per year in saving on the garbage contract. Oops, slip of the tongue, he really meant over the life of the contract.

Yeah, right, misunderstandings happen. People lose jobs, residents lose services, our taxes go up. Forget us. At least Lim and Trujillo's campaign got funded. ($2500). The piper was paid.

Connie and Eddie Lim-Kreps broke from their clearly colluded speeches to complain that questioning the police department spending spree was "divisive". Hey, Lim-Kreps, Forget You. In America, we are allowed to question our government. Seriously, it was on the citizenship test.

All of this stuff was about money last night, our money being transferred to their pockets. Forget me? Uh, uh, baby, Forget You.

We'll get this stuff on the ballot. Referendums will happen and recalls.

special note If you are unfamiliar with the song "Forget You", check it out here. Forget You. Raunchier club version can be found by Googling "Cee Lo Green Adult". You're on your own for that one - this is a decent blog.

Kevin Vericker
April 28, 2011

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