Monday, October 4, 2010

Transparency and the North Bay Village Trujillo Tax

The Rey Trujillo Mayoral Campaign got $2000 from Waste Management Systems and related companies on September 21, 2010. On September 28, Rey Trujillo voted without debate to turn our garbage collection over to Waste Management Systems.

Waste Management Systems of Leon County (Pompano Beach) - $500
Waste Management Systems of Florida (Pompano Beach) - $500
Okeechobee Landfill (Pompano Beach) - $500
Harris Sanitation Pompano Beach (Pompano Beach) - $500

The sudden interest of Waste Management Systems in the governance of North Bay Village is surprising. Until you consider how much money was on the table on September 28 at the special commission meeting.

Trujillo's slogan is "Transparency, Integrity and Experience". A truly transparent member of the commission would have recused himself from the dais when such an obvious conflict of interest arose.

The campaign finance report is attached. Look for Page 2 for a complete list of Trujillo Donors

Campaign Finance Report 10/1/10

Kevin Vericker
October 4, 2010

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