Wednesday, October 20, 2010

George Kane Employment

Last night, the commission rejected a resolution that would have prevented the city from hiring a commissioner as an employee or contractor following the expiration of his term. They voted 3-2 along the usual lines - Trujillo, Kane and Vogel. Dan Abbott cited an irrelevant case to say that the ordinance was unconstitutional, knowing full well that this type of restriction is common in most cities.

The restriction is designed to stop exactly what it going on now. George Kane is actively seeking consulting work from the city to manage the projects, which will bring him a windfall in real estate commissions, and Trujillo needs his vote. So Trujillo's buying the vote by promising Kane ongoing work at our expense.

Kane's a pretty shady character. We already know that he organized the unneeded move of the City Hall to the Lexi for a $25,000 commission while on the commission. He has no background in grants and even his most recent arrest, in 2003, shows that he doesn't live in North Bay Village and hasn't for years. (See the document below, I edited out the SSN and Driver's License # but have the original.) Yeah, sure, we can trust him with the money. Good job, Rey.

Kevin Vericker
October 20, 2010

George Kane Arrest DUI 2003

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