Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dancing for Dollars

Short post today. Tonight is the Planning and Zoning Special Commission Meeting to rush through the application to develop a building suitable for a strip club at 1415 JFK Causeway.

This will be followed by a special commission meeting on October 19 to consider the same.

All this is being done so that it can be rushed through prior to November and the elections.

So far Scott Greenwald has given $1000 to Trujillo and Lim campaigns, and of course, George Kane was cited by the Commission on Ethics for negotiating a $25,000 fee on the city hall move to the Lexi, which he agreed to repay.

This is all about the money. Waste Management gives Trujillo $2,000 and we lose our garbage. Greenwald puts up a $1000 and we get a strip club.

First they took away the garbage and now they're bringing in the trash.

This whole thing is shady and it stinks. Please show tonight at 6:30 PM Treasure Island School.

Kevin Vericker
October 7, 2010

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