Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Turning the Page - Noriega Set To Return

Today, Mayor Brent Latham announced that negotiations with wrongly fired police chief Carlos Noriega are on track for his reinstatement as North Bay Village Police Chief.  The commission agreed to offer resinstatement in order to settle the outstanding lawsuit by Noriega.  

Under Noriega the police were progressing in ways they have not in years and the best course for the village is to continue this progress.  This last year was a mess that the current commission inherited and has been trying to figure out the right path forward since November.  It seem that barring unforeseen circumstances Noriega will be back by May 14. 

Major props go to our mayor and our commission.  That they listened carefully and weighed the community input in the matter merits our respect. 

Of particular note is that the mayor today posted the following on his Facebook page

North Bay Village Citizens -
Carlos Noriega has accepted the Commission's proposal to end his legal claims on our village. The conditions proposed include his reinstatement as Police Chief. 
Pending some minor legal details to be agreed, the terms will go before the Commission for final approval at the next Commission meeting on May 14. 
Further details will be provided by the village as they are determined. 
This closes a sad and troubling chapter in North Bay Village's history. Alongside the Vice Mayor and my fellow Commissioners, our village administration and employees, and now Chief Noriega and our police force, I look forward to continuing to lead our city forward on an ambitious and just path. 
I would also like to recognize and thank Interim Chief Brian Collins for his faithful stewardship of the department over the past year. 
Please follow the village's Facebook page to stay informed. North Bay Village
This is radical transparency.  Our mayor shared what he knew when he knew it with the people who care about the issue.  I want to write that it is a good sign for a healthy future but the truth is that it's a good thing that is happening now.  We have a truthful Commission who trusts us and that means we can trust them.   Well done. 

Not yet time for the whole "Welcome Back" party.  The commission still has to finalize the settlement on May 14 but we are on a much better road. 

Kevin Vericker
May 1, 2019

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